Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Revamp

Obviously, I'm decorating for the holidays! It seemed silly to decorate for fall when Thanksgiving is next week, so I decided to skip right to a Christmas Blog! I hope it gets a little cute. Fingers crossed that comes up with some holiday themed headers, because I made this one on and I HATE it! All of a sudden their super cute stuff is no longer FREE! And I'm not gonna pay to decorate my blog, so for now, that's what you get. I'm still paying off all the real live decorations I bought last year for Christmas! For the first time ever, I got up at four to hit the post-Christmas sales on Dec 26. And I got some GOOD stuff. Hopefully you'll see some of it next week, after we get our family photo taken! Anyway, gimme some time, this blog will be as cute as ever in a few more days. Gotta figure out this photobucket business.

Update: Check out my "about" and "kids" and all those buttons! I MADE those myself, from stratch! Normall, you go to websites and grab them for free (or even worse, you pay someone else to make them) but I did it all by myself, I didn't even have to ask Nick for help! I'm like some sort of computer genius or something!

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  1. Just think you will be here in 4 months!!! I can't wait! Be ready to spend a lot of lost time together, and a lot of Maury, LOL!