Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I know it's something people say all the time, but I gotta say it: is it Monday again ALREADY? I mean, at this rate, I'll be on a plane to Guam next time I blink! Time has been flying since Ava was born, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I mean, seriously!
Thanks to some good sales at Stop&Shop over the last few weeks, my pantry and freezer are pretty well stocked, so my grocery trip yesterday was WAY underbudget. And ToysRUs was having a great deal on formula last week, so that helps too :) I rewarded my under-budget savvy with Lost Season Three on DVD! I just love that show. True, I could Netflix it. But it's just not the same! I'm a little behind, but I'm pretty sure I can get the entire series rewatched before the Final Season Starts in Feb.
How did I get so distracted? We were discussing the menu for the week, right? Well, here's what we're doing. What's on your menu this week?
Sunday: pork chops with sun dried tomato stuffing (I use all cream cheese, instead of cream cheese and goat. I mean, goat cheese just doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in, you know?)
Monday: tex mex chicken and rice (new recipe, from a pampered chef book. It's where I've been getting all my new recipes lately, and most of them have been really good, and really really quick!)
Tuesday: stir fry
Wednesday: chicken enchiladas and roasted tomatillo salsa (so good, and easier than you'd think when you read thru the recipe)
Thursday: baked ziti, to take to OCF
Friday: berry pine nut chicken salad (new again, same book)
Saturday: chicken and steak quesadillas
For tons more ideas for great weekly menus, check out this chica for some inspiration.

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