Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Seriously, Monday again? I don't really understand what's happening with Time. The days themselves go by so slowly, but the weeks and months are just flying! Pretty weird. Anyway. Another week, another menu. What's on your menu this week? Big Thanksgiving plans? If you need a few ideas, head over here for some inspiration.

Sunday: Chicken legs on the grill. Ahh, my absolute favorite dinner. Thanks babe!

Monday: Chicken Taco Salads

Tuesday: Cannellini bean and sausage soup (I've had this recipe on our menu at least five times and I've never actually made it. Come hell or high water, we WILL have this soup on Tuesday! And it better be worth it!)

Wednesday: Chimichurri steak salad (new recipe from my Pampered Chef book) Nick will make while I go to WW.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. We're not going crazy crazy, since it'll just be us. Ten pound turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (ew!) stuffing, and I have a bag of cranberries I need to figure out how to fix. And, of course, pumpkin and apple pies. Yes, I said pieS. And I intend to partake of both. I've stopped losing weight at WW anyway, I may as well enjoy it.

Friday: Tex-Mex Turkey Soup (actually a little more excited about this than Thanksgiving-but don't tell anyone. That's weird, right?)

Saturday: Turkey Quesadilla Suizas (new, obviously).

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