Monday, November 16, 2009


In my constant quest to Keep the Kids Up Till Two so that they'll nap until Nick gets home, we stopped off at the Big Park today after school. I wanted to stay until like one thirty, but Warren was having none of that. All my Prevacid praises? Boo. That kids cries just as much as ever. I guess it's his big giant horse tooth trying to break free on the top right. GIMME A BREAK KID! You're not the first person to ever cut a tooth!

But don't tell him I said that. Look at that face!!!

Teething on the swing. I'm sure it's sanitary, right? Those pesky flu germs can only survive, what, a week on something like a swing? It's probably fine, right? :)

But seriously. Why is that tooth so BIG? There's a baby about his age in OCF and his teeth are teeny tiny cute little things. I have a sensitive spot for teeth, considering the Snaggle I've dealt with all my life.

Now, these next shots aren't great since the looks on their faces leave a little to be desired, but Dad, if you're reading this, this is the kind of shot I'm looking for. That background being the way it is? I put my f-stop at 22. Any higher (bigger number) and it turns my whole shot dark. Why does it do that? And changing the f-stop is affecting my shutter speed, even though I don't tell it to slow it down. Ugh. I need to drag that book out of my car and actually read it.

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