Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So, normally I hate Tuesdays. The weekend is obviously fun, and then Mondays are pretty great because, well, I take the big kids to school and get to lay around all morning while the baby sleeps. Nice recovery from the weekend. Not that our weekends are wild and crazy or anything. But Tuesdays...oh Tuesdays, how I usually loathe thee. The big kids are underfoot all day, it's getting cold, the weekend feels like it's years's like being a stay-at-home-mom punches me in the face every Tuesday morning.

Not today.

Today started out a little rocky, but Warren did sleep all night. He woke up at twenty to five, I put his paci back in (WHY can't he do that himself? WHY WHY WHY!!!) and climbed back into bed, but I couldn't get back to sleep because I was worried about Nick's alarm going off at five. What? What a stupid thing to be worried about. I was scared that it would scare me. Ugh, I'm such a neurotic loser. I eventually must have dozed off, and then Nick got me up at six to work out. Because I asked him to, not because he's a relentless drill insturctor. Although he did make an unkind comment about paying for Weight Watchers while I ate all of Scott's Halloween candy...

Anyway, I decided to skip the workout because I just didn't feel like it, and sometimes working out in the morning backfires and I'm super tired and hungry all day. But Nick stuck around till seven anyway, so he unloaded the dishwasher! I know, that seems like such a small thing, but I hate unloading the dishwasher. Silverware, ugh.

And things kept getting better! The baby wasn't crying! I had his follow up for his ear infection on Friday, and we saw his regular PNP, and I (of course) started crying and told her that he cries all the time. And she listened! And prescribed prevacid! Just like that! SHE LISTENED TO HIS MOTHER, BELIEVED THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG, AND TOOK STEPS TO RIGHT IT. Can you imagine? What a novel idea!!! That's why I prefer NPs, no offense Drs. Snow. You guys are great, seriously, but you're not here, so...

So the baby was playing (somewhere) and the big kids were in the playroom and I had like an hour to play on the computer and eat breakfast and just do...nothing. It was so fun! Right on routine, the baby got fussy at 8:30 and he went down after like, two minutes of rocking. Then I dragged out the Preschool Box, which is just a plastic bin filled with flashcards and a few learn-your-shapes wipe off books that the kids, for reasons I can't fathom, just LOVE. I mean, they literally squeal with excitement when I pull it out. Unfortunately for them, I don't pull it out often because they have to be TOTALLY supervised to use anything in it. And really, not even just supervised so that they don't tear it up, you actually have to be engaged with them. You know, mother them a little? We all know of often I do that.

So that took another forty five minutes, then we had snacks and they went back to the playroom! Baby woke up and I did the unthinkable- got all three dressed and loaded into the van, and we went to the grocery store for some tomatillos for tomorrow night. Yes, I- Queen of Never Leaving the House if I Can Help It- took all three kiddos to the store! And they were FANTASTIC! Super listeners, was like having someone else's kids. A Good Mom's kids!

So as a reward, we stopped at the Big Park on the way home. Not to be confused with the little park on our corner, the Big Park has a REALLY tall slide. And swings. Which I refuse to push the kids on, because if it were up to Ava, she'd spend the entire time on the swings. And I have magazines to read. Uh, I mean, I have a baby to take care of. Yeah, that's it. The baby.

So that brings us to 12:30! Halfway done! Home, lunch, Dora, all three in bed by 1:45. Sigh in glorious relief because I've done it. I only screamed at them ONCE all day! Honest to God! That's HUGE for me, seriously! And, anyone who knows my kids knows why my day was pretty much over at 1:45. Those kids can SLEEP. At least the big ones. Ava got up at 4:30, and I woke Scott up at 4:45. And that's typical. I figure God blessed me with such amazing sleepers because He had a little trick up His sleeve called Warren.

Although, I can't lie. Today, a VERY non-typical day for him, Warren slept for two and a half straight hours this morning, and two and a half straight hours this afternoon.

So my heart is happy tonight. I hope no one is too jealous of my Best Day Ever :)

PS Meryl, if you're reading this, I feel really bad. I don't hate doctors. I just hate the doctors that I've dealt with. And if my kids weren't healthy, run-of-the-mill boring patients, I would want them to see an actual doctor. AND, going against the grain even more, I PREFER teaching hospitals because residents try harder than attendings! I like the idea of all those eyes on me when I'm a patient. So I'm sorry I said that about NPs. They're not better, they're just different.

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  1. Hey Jen! Of course I'm reading this! I read all your entries because they seriously crack me up! And I don't take any offense whatsoever, so no worries. And I totally would have given Warren Prevacid! :)