Monday, November 23, 2009

running for the vaultcheese!working on my dance moves
Well, Ava had her very last gymnastics lesson on Saturday. (And yes, I know that that's a dancing outfit she's wearing. It's what she wanted, and I didn't want her in a leotard because they don't have those little skirts. I know that four year olds don't need to be modest, but that's my style. So boo.) It was sorta sad, just because the teacher was talking about everyone coming back the second week of January for the next level of class, and I knew that we won't be coming back. To my surprise, I've really started to like it here in Connecticut! I know what you're thinking, 'just wait' and I'm sure you're right, as soon as it starts to really get cold, I'll be ready to go, but for now, I like it. I LOVE our house, I like our neighborhood, I love the kids''s so pretty outside right now...I just like it. Who woulda thought it, right?

Guam is starting to feel more and more official. The Navy bought our plane tickets, and I figure those must have cost a fortune, so they're probably not gonna back out now, right? Let's see if I can remember the specs. We're leaving from Orlando on Wednesday, March 17, at six thirty in the morning. I think. That's going to SUCK big time, because we'll have to wake the kids up at what, four? So they'll be tired and cranky, but so tired and cranky that they won't want to sleep. And it's a short flight, so even if they do fall asleep, they'll have to get up right away anyway. Ugh. We layover in Houston, but not for long (I think) and then we get on board a big plane for our FOURTEEN HOUR FLIGHT TO TOKYO. I'll say that again, and this time I'll put it in italics to stress it for you: our fourteen hour flight to Tokyo. We get to Japan at two thirty local time, short layover, and then I think it's another four hour flight to Guam, where Brandi has graciously already offered to pick us up from the airport.

All right, I know that it's not the end of the world. People fly all the time. Kids fly all the time. But somehow, I still can't quite wrap my mind around the idea of being trapped in a tin can, for fourteen hours, with my three children, aged 4, 2, and 1. Will they sleep? Will they cry? Will there be room in the aisle for them to play, at least a little? Maybe just take a walk every few hours? Will they watch TV for fourteen straight hours and fry their brains? Will we get in trouble if we give them Benadryl? I mean, the big kids really do have terrible allergies...and when we get there, what do we do about jet lag? Brandi said her kids adjusted pretty quickly, but I know that when Nick and I went to London for Christmas seven years ago, I had a REALLY hard time, and that was just a few hours. Guam is exactly on the opposite side of the globe, so it's exactly the opposite time over there. What if the kids want to be awake because it's seven in the morning, but I think it's nine at night and I want to go to bed? All of you who know me know how I am with sleep...I'm hoping that my four years of working nights at the hospital will help with this. I switched back and forth pretty easily, so maybe it won't be all bad...right?

All right. I feel a little better now that I got that out. And, as a little retail therapy, I bought this fantastic Vera Bradley tote the other day. You know, as a carry on? For the fourteen hour flight? That made me feel better too!
So did looking at these messy faces. Surely these cuties can't wreck too much havoc on one little flight, right? Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that the big flight is set up in threes, three seats on the left, three in the middle, and three on the left. So we've got three seats on the right and two in the middle. So it'll probably be Nick and the big kids on the side, and me and the baby in the middle. When we're sitting. Do you think the flight will be full, or do you think maybe there's a chance no one will have to sit next to me and the baby? Fingers crossed...Brandi, how was your flight, full?

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  1. Yes, our flights were full! But, like I said it isn't bad. We gave Lee childrens' dramamine and he took a really good 4 hour nap or so and watched movies the rest of the time. My mom also had little gifts for him to open every hour to keep him busy and they were things he could do and use on the plane. You will be okay and I will be waiting for you at the airport! I feel like I am going to be like a little kid that will want to scream when I see you guys! I am so excited I get goosebumps thinking about it.