Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bowling With Our Cousins

Obviously, we went bowling. With our cousins.

But seriously, Nick's baby sister Kimberly has two little boys, Hunter (7) and Hayden (3) and Hunter is on a bowling league! Nick's mom is a big time bowler, remember? So we went to Hunter's bowling practice, and we rented the lane right next to it so that we could fully distract him!

This is Ava next to little Hayden. I say little, but Ava is up on the step that turns into the real, smooth bowling floor, and Hayden is down on the regular old nasty normal floor. So he's actually about five inches taller than she, and a good twenty pounds heavier!

And here she is with Hunter. I should post it when I get home, Hunter was one of the first people to visit when Ava was born! Jane and Kim came all the way up to Virginia to welcome my tiny little miracle to their family in 2005, and I've got GREAT shots of three year old Hunter (just barely three years old!) holding teeny tiny Ava. I'm getting misty just remembering the pics ya'll! Anyway, as you can see, Hunter and Hayden are dressed alike, and Scott was having a real hard time with that. At one point he came up to Nick and said 'There's TWO Hunters Daddy!'

Best shot I could get of all the little Engelbrecht Grandkids. Obviously, Hayden and Hunter are actually Ruperto grandkids, but they're as Engelbrecht as mine, so that's good enough to call them Engelbrecht Grandkids, right? Now, Nick's big sister Michelle has two boys as well, but they're teenagers, and a little too cool to go bowling with a bunch of babies. I'll do my best to get a shot with them as well.

Aunt Kimmie with Warren.

Grandpa Kenny with Warren.

Ava taking some time out to tend to Baby Nathan...

And finally, the action shots...

Grandpa Kenny lives in an equestrian neighborhood, and on the ride home from the bowling alley, we stopped to talk to some of his neighbors, who let the kids pet the horses! Now, everyone knows how much I wanted a horse when I was little. I mean, I would have died for a horse, seriously. Now that I understand just what goes in to taking care of them...I can sort of maybe understand why my mom never gave in. Maybe.

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