Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Round Two

Well, on Christmas Eve we headed over to Nick's mom's house for a dinner party and to open the gifts she got for all of us. We also went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service with Aunt Kimmie at her church, but I didn't drag my bulky camera in there for that.

One of the first gifts was a pair of sunglasses...that she wore for the remainder of the evening.

Scott and Cousin Hunter...

Scott had a blast opening all the gifts. Even those that did not belong to him!

It's pretty warm in South Florida at Christmas time, so Warren had to take off his sweater for the evening. I think it made for some pretty snazzy pics if I do say so myself.

Grandma Jane with the kiddos...

What a cute couple, right?

Scott found a dog leash and decided to wrap around his neck...sounds pretty safe to me...

Warren at the end of the party. No big surprise there!

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