Sunday, December 20, 2009

Picture Bombardment

If you've been jonesing for some pics of Team Engelbrecht, you've come to the right place. If not, skip this post because there's gonna be a LOT, mostly the kids playing with their great new Christmas gifts.

Linda got Ava lots of fun makeup and coloring kits. Here they are with a huge (and I do mean HUGE) coloring book and paints. And not the safe Color Wonder crap that I use, I'm talking about the real deal here. Brave woman! And the one below is Ava coloring this neat little Princess purse. Yes, you are supposed to color it. Ava's not one for staying in the lines. Or coloring neatly at all. She's still a scribbler. Is that some sort of developmental problem, do you think? I hope not. Next to being pretty, being smart is super important for this superficial mama!

And here's my precious first-born son, shaving his sweet little face. Don't tell him that it's not a real razor. After he was finished, he rubbed his face along his jaw (like we do with Nick) and said 'feels nice and smooth.' Oh my GOSH he's cute!

Now here's a TON of Warren, playing with this really neat ball rolling type toy. Poor Warren, this is the first thing that's ever been for him. I never really bought the big kids any toys when they were little either, but with Warren, I haven't got him anything. I just can't see the point! He plays all right with the big kids' toys, but mostly, like most kids, he wants to play with the tupperware, or the laundry baskets, or his feet. But this toy-man, he LOVES it! Grandpa Kenny is fascinated by the fact that he plays with it properly; he puts the balls in where they're supposed to go, watches them slide down the track, then picks them up at the end to start all over again.

Of course, he occasionally has to take a little break to examine the balls the only way he knows how- his mouth.

All right, that's enough for now, but trust me- there's a lot more!

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  1. my neice Kamie has that peguin toy of Warrens. She got it last Christmas and her and Nathan still play with it. Does yours sing the song "Polar bears and peguins love the ice...brrr it's cold and not so nice?" Hold on it that toy, it will keep Warrn occupied for a while.