Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pool Party

Boy, was it nice leaving Connecticut, which was hovering right around nine degrees the morning we left, and arriving in Stuart, which was hovering right around the mid seventies. It finally got up into the eighties after a few days, and that, along with Grandpa Kenny's heated pool, made for a great Pool Party in December! Fabulous, especially for this cold-hating-mama. Gave me a tiny preview of our future in Guam, and let me tell you, I'm pretty stoked.

Scott was ready to roll pretty early.let's get this show on the road guys

Cousin Timothy with that call for me?

That little dark haired baby (sorry, he's not a baby, he's Scott's age, but come on!) is Dillon, and his mother back there is Andrea. She and Nick went to high school together, then ran into each other at Auburn, then she married a military man and got stationed right by us in Virginia. And she was visiting her family back in Stuart at the same time. Small world, right?

Random pool you like my goggles?

Aunt Kimmy feeding Warren his lunch.

Who else got to go swimming on their Christmas vacations?

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