Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!

Well, we had a light dusting of snow the other night when we went to see Santa, but it was already dark outside so you could barely see it, and it melted on the ground because it had rained all day so the ground was wet. But last night, whoo buddy! It snowed and stuck, at least until about ten o'clock this morning when it started raining again. It rains A LOT here! Nick leaves on Wednesdays for Bible study at like five in the morning, so I get the pleasure of being woken up by Ava climbing into bed with me. But not this morning! She was HUNGRY and she wanted to PLAY IN THE SNOW. Mind you, this is at six forty five. On the dot.

(We have an extra night light with a red bulb on a timer in her bedroom, and she's not allowed out of bed until it turns on at six forty five every day. Otherwise, she'll get up at five and then be cranky all day! She's out of control! But that light trick has really really helped, if anyone needs a way to keep their kids in bed. You can tell when she's been up for a long time just because she gets pretty cranky around eleven, but it's better than her actually being up and at 'em at five. At least in bed she's still 'resting' right?)

I made her wait until Scott got up too, and we started getting dressed at about seven oh five. We were dressed at seven thirty. That's twenty five minutes to get undershirts, socks, undies, pants, shirts, snow pants, double layer coats, snow boots, and gloves on. Overkill? Probably. But I didn't want them to get all wet before school! Any northerners out there have any advice? Do I need the snow pants? How wet will they get without them? And what about gloves? Scott's gloves were wet almost instantly, and then he complained that his poor little hands were ice cold. Are there like waterproof gloves out there? Not those ski gloves, those won't work, I don't think. Their hands are pretty small!

So we finally got dressed and I shoved them outside right before they passed out from heat stroke, and THEY LOVED IT!!! As you can see, we're talking like, an inch of snow, max. And it was already starting to rain, so it was pretty much half snow, half ice. But we're southerners, and it's new and exciting for us, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! On Saturday, when it snowed for the first time, I was in total awe. I mean, it was all falling right out of the sky like something off of TV, and LOTS of it! I musta stared at it for five minutes straight, it was so pretty in the headlights.
Best part? The real people who live here don't even care about snow!!! I was all worried that preschool would be closed (our last one...let's just say it woulda definitely been closed) but they just laughed at me when I told them how freaked out I was. They said it'll have to be a pretty big storm for them to close! Hooray!

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