Friday, December 4, 2009

Well! I feel like I've come back from the dead! I may be barely alive, but at least I can lift my arms up and type, which is more than I've been able to do since Sunday morning. I have not been off the couch or out of bed for more than twenty minutes at a time since Sunday. Poor Nick had to stay home from work completely on Monday because I literally couldn't get up and get the kids ready for school! My neighbor (THANK GOD!!! THANKS PEARL!!!) took the big kids for a few hours on Tuesday morning, and then Nick came home to get them lunch and out them in bed while I continued to LAY ON THE COUCH! I have been completely and totally useless. Our plans to go to Niagara this weekend are ruined because I'm still a wreck, but I am feeling much MUCH better, just tired.

If this was swine flu, those crazy people with the sandwich signs in New York City are totally

right! The end is coming. Dad, remember the Stand? This was worse than Captain Tripps, swear to God. I read that book during my formidable years (is that the expression? I was fourteen, so I was forming, right? That just doesn't sound right) and I've always worried that ninety percent of the world would be wiped out by a Super Flue, just like they are in the story. Well, I'll tell you what, this was it, and I survived. So there's hope!

And to top off this most excellent week, my Blackberry, so famous for almost always being On The Fritz, is officially Deceased. I haven't sent or received a text in DAYS and it's killing me! So, for anyone who's been wondering where I've been, that's the scoop. I've been on the brink of Death, but I survived. And you know what? I never get sick! I think that's what made this even worse. Phew! Here's hoping Nick doesn't get it, because I could NEVER take care of him like he's been taking care of me!

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