Friday, July 24, 2009

At the Pool

Well, the overpriced gym I joined does have a pretty amazing pool. Well, like four of them actually. I don't quite fit into my racing suit yet so I haven't had a chance to get into the lap pool, but we take the kids to the baby pool once or twice a week after we work out so they can play for a while. Here's some shots from yesterday.

Now, I know that in this one, it sort of looks like I'm standing by snapping pics while Ava is drowning, but that's not what's happening! She's 'swimming' underwater and I just happened to get a great shot of it!

For those of you who have been praying for me, please keep it up. Warren....oohh, Warren. I don't even really know what to say. It's all just sort of a game of chance. Will he nap? Will he sleep at night? Will he cry all day unless I'm holding him constantly, which is getting harder and harder because Scott is sick and Ava is really starting to miss Nick. I've only got one lap kiddos! Warren took a two hour nap at the gym yesterday while I worked out (hooray!) and then did not sleep one single wink until ten fifteen last night (boo) and he got up at three for a bottle and again at five thirty to play (double and triple boo). So I'm in a pretty lousy mood today. Nick will be here in two weeks, so I'm just giving up on getting Warren into any sort of routine. We'll just have a five year old in our bed, I guess. Boo for me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling Better

As usual, in retrospect, I may have over-reacted just a teeny tiny bit. I know, I know, Jennifer? Over-react? Jennifer? A little dramatic? No way!

I mean, did I really think that Warren was never ever going to sleep again? Well, actually, yes, I sort of did. But yesterday, we got an hour and a half in the morning, a forty minutes in the mid afternoon, and an hour before dinner. And he slept until five, then I plopped him in my bed and rolled away so that I could keep sleeping. Yes, I know how dangerous this is, and how you can't ever let them sleep with you cause they'll get spoiled and never leave your bed. Please. Keep those opinions to yourself unless you really want to get me riled up.

Today has been even better! Two hours this morning-I had to call the gym and tell them I was going to be late! And I was sure to tell them that it was because my baby was FAST ASLEEP! They probably think I'm a crazy person. Oh well. And we're an hour and fifteen minutes into an afternoon nap right now. Imagine me breathing a sigh of relief. I have time to think! I have time to relax! I have time to blog! Unless you really know me and what a crybaby I am, you have no idea the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders, just by these two days of naps. Thanks for all your prayers.

But speaking of the gym, I'm a little disappointed. As a rule, I don't wear shorts, so I don't really mind that my thighs are wiggly, but what's up with my arms? That bat wing part on the bottom, where you're supposed to have a tricep? I mean, I've been lifting weights consistently for two months, and they're still flopping around like I'm trying to get airborne. How much longer is that going to last? Any tips?

And as long as we're talking about all the ways my body has betrayed me, I want to clear up the whole mustache situation. You may or may not have noticed in my pictures that I have a moustache. IT'S NOT A MUSTACHE!!! Every time I get my eyebrows waxed, they wanna do my lip, but it's NOT hair! It's just this really dark patch of skin, it's so gross! It came after I delivered Scott and stayed in place until I got pregnant with Warren, then came back in full force after I delivered him. Sheesh, can't a girl get a break? Is it hormones? Will it ever go away? If I can get a referral for dermatology (which I probably never will be able to) will he be able to fix it? Has anyone else ever had this problem? It's so embarrassing! I'm assuming it's like that line on my belly from being pregnant. Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up, in case you're looking at a picture of me and my kids and you're thinking, 'dang, why doesn't that girl wax her moustache?' Believe me, short of buying the hundred and twenty five dollar tube of miracle skin fixer that a girl at Norstrom's (sp?) tried to sell me, I've tried everything. I fear my moustache is here to stay. At least until Nick makes admiral, then I'm getting that cream!

Morning Sun

Well, I'm getting more used to my fabulous new camera. Still too scared to take it out of the auto modes, but I'm at least willing to play around with it a little more. My parents have a HUGE backyard, and in the mornings, I think I finally realized what the photography books call "magical light." Of course, my children are constantly naked, so it's pretty hard to get shots that I can share, let alone frame. I'm too scared to send naked photos to Walgreens! Anyway, here's just a few that I thought were really special looking.

Saying Goodbye to the Heinemans

Obviously, this happened a while ago, but I just got around to downloading the pics from my email. We headed over there for dinner the Sunday before we left to say our goodbyes, which we hope will actually turn out to be see-you-laters instead. This picture makes me realize how lucky we are to have such amazing friends (it's pretty rare that both the husbands and the wives get along so great, don't you think?) and how BIG the Engelbrecht family is!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

At the Park

I'm still very stressed. I cry a lot. I know that if I could just calm down and relax, then Warren would calm down and relax. Somehow, knowing that just isn't helping! I just don't understand how he can survive on the little sleep he gets! I guess some babies just don't need sleep? Humbug, I don't buy that! Anyway. I'm learning to take advantage of his twenty minute naps. That's long enough to take a shower. Power of positive thinking. And we all know what an optimist I am. Sarcasm, anyone?

Anyway, that's enough pity partying for one day. Here's some pics from the park. Naturally, Warren spent the first half of our park trip sleeping in his carseat, and the second half screaming uncontrollably. I've just never had to deal with a baby like this! Pray for me ya'll. Pray for me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit with Angela

So all thru junior high and high school, I had this best friend, Angela. Like, the kind of best friends they make movies about. We were inseparable, we knew everything about each other, we could pretty much read each other's minds. I don't really think we ever had a real falling out, we just sort of drifted apart senior year, and then she went to Louisiana for college, and I went to Auburn and we lost touch. It broke my heart, but I never did more than send a Christmas card either so...

Anyway, this year she sent one back, and we've been email friends and facebook friends and then we finally got together the other night! I was so scared it was going to be super awkward, and I'll be honest, at first it sorta was, but after about thirty minutes, we just got into the flow and it was pretty much like old times! I kept saying 'Wow, you sound like such a grownup' because the last time I spoke to her, we were just kids! Very twilight zone.

She brought her gorgeous daughter Aiden over for dinner, and ya'll know what Ava was doing all night. Playing Mama. That girl...she just doesn't want to do ANYTHING more than be a mama! I mean, it's out of control how maternal that kid is!

I didn't manage to sneak any pics of Angela, but here is her lovely daughter. Aiden is almost seven months old! That's my favorite age, right around nine months, when they get their little personalities and they start getting around! I'm gonna try to get some shots of me and Angela next time we hang out.


Well, we have arrived. Hurricane Engelbrecht. My poor mother and her poor, poor cat. My children have swept through this place, destroying everything in their wake, with no regard at all for things that are 'important' or 'breakable' or 'priceless and irreplaceable.' And as for Anna the Cat...well, she just stays outside. At all times. Until, of course, my children go out. Poor Anna.

Here's how we spent the drive down here. I wish. But they did sleep a lot, and it was a pretty easy drive.

Arika drove down from Hattiesburg on Wednesday to see Nick and introduce me to Brody...and he's even bigger in real life! Brandi, I think he's bigger than Lee was!

Arika seemed a little overwhelmed at how MUCH my children are. It's hard to explain, except to other mothers of more than one. They're not naughty (sometimes) but they're just...a lot. They do a lot, they talk a lot, they eat a's just a little much.

The gym that I was so excited about finding? Turned out to be a total ripoff! They wanted a hundred and fifty dollars for a JOINING FEE! Even though I was only joining for one month! We worked it out to get rid of that fee, but I'm paying a lot lot lot more than I was at the Y in Virginia. And then there was a fiasco with the kids' shot records. Who ever heard of needing shot records for drop in care at a gym? Not me. But I went up to the base here and the tech in the immunizations clinic- who was the nicest man I've ever met, by the way- filled in all the paperwork for me.

Wanna hear something crazy? You know how like, I'm always telling you how God cares about the silly little stuff, if it's important to me? Well, I was going to take the baby with me to get all this paperwork filled in, and leave the big kids with my mom. But when I was getting ready, Scott said he wanted to go. So I took Scott. And he was behind on one of his shots! The tech told me that he couldn't do the form for 'Nicholas' until he got the shot, I'd have to bring him back in. I was just floored! I told him that Scott WAS Nicholas, asked if he could give him the shot, and dropped of the paperwork on my way home. If I hadn't had Scott with me, I'd have had to go back, get him, go back to the base...ugh. I'm just so grateful.

So Nick left Thursday morning. Let's just say I'm not adjusting very well to being a single mother of three kids aged three and under. I always knew he did a lot, but ya'll. He does A LOT. I can't hardly keep my head above the water here! I'm exhausted, Warren is getting up to eat at three in the mornings, I've had a headache since I got's been awful. So I broke down last night, and my wonderful mother took the baby and told me to go to bed at nine. And then, instead of dumping that kid in my room at eleven when he fell asleep, she took him to the pack and play in her own room and let him sleep with her! AND GOT UP WITH HIM AT THREE!!! Thank the Lord. I woke today feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to roll.

The little booger has taken two ninety minute naps today (as opposed to the twenty minute catnaps the rest of this overwhelming week) so I'm hoping he sleeps thru tonight. Then we're out the door in the morning to go back to the gym, which is actually very nice. Just not as nice as they seem to think, considering the price. There's a big giant playground that they take the big kids on, and Warren was the only infant the other day, so the girl held him the whole time. I skipped Weight Watchers last week, so I'm gonna work out like a crazy person this week and pray that I never see in print the weight that I gained over Fourth of July.

Well that's it for now. The computer is in the room that Ava sleeps in, so it's pretty hard to get on it. I'll try to update every now and then on my phone I guess...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving Day-Part One

Well, here we are, starting our two day journey to Biloxi. Said goodbye to friends last night, said goodbye to my beloved (but outgrown) house this morning, and now we're sitting in line at the HRBT to say goodbye to the tunnel. We've been waiting for about forty five minutes to get thru. Needless to say, this is one goodbye that I say with absolute glee.

We're headed over to Tennessee to drop off cousin Mia and spend the night with my sister, then tomorrow is the real trip. It should take about twelve hours, with stops. Do I sound excited?

Then it's about six weeks in Biloxi before we head to out house in CT. We're thinking of taking a full three days for that trip since it's more than twenty two hours! We'll sit down and find fun places to stay the night, hopefully with indoor pools. There's just something about a hotel with an indoor pool, isn't there? I'm hoping we get to drive thru Auburn and maybe grab lunch at Niffers. It'll probably be our very last chance!

And then we'll just be getting settled in CT and waiting for the detailer to make the assignments. Trust me, you'll be the first to know where we're going after that. I'm on three waiting lists for preschools for the big kids in CT and let me tell you, Ava is desperate for some stimulation!

So that's our life in a nutshell right now. There's no spellchecker on my blackberry, so I apologize if this post is full of mistakes.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend- Day Three

Is it just me, or do you spend hours- literally hours- organizing photos? I take the pictures, get them off the camera and into the computer, organize them into folders, upload them to walgreens to print them, get back on the computer to put dates on the backs, then finally stick them into photo albums. Then I gotta back up everything on a flash drive and two CDs because I don't trust technology. Not to mention putting them up here. Am I clinging to the past by using photo albums? Who wants to sit down on the couch and look at old family photos on the computer? Not me. I LOVED looking thru my dad's albums when I was little. So that's my rant for the day.

Here's the pics from the Fourth. I tried to get shots of the fireworks, but it didn't happen.

First off, it was HELLA CROWDED. I was blown away by how many people were there, honestly! And we go down there every year! Never before has it been that packed.

We ate at a Greek restaurant and the waitress offered to take our picture. Doesn't that just make your day? As did the fact that she put us at this HUGE table. I cannot STAND it when they seat our big ole family at a table for two. Seriously?

There was a girl in a prom dressing playing the violin on the street....alright.

The grandparents with ALMOST all of their grandchildren- we missed you Brody!

A day in the life of Warren Ray.

The people camped out next to us took charge of entertaining Ava and Mia for like an hour- isn't that awesome?!?! Wow, let me tell you, it was a nice break.

All right. One more day in Nofolk!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend- Day Two

Today was much more relaxing. Much. We still got there early to beat this crowd to our premo spot...

...where Scott set us up our umbrella...

...and then we met up with Melissa and Real Live Baby Nathan, and Ryan's dad Chuck. Ryan is working nights, so he couldn't make it. I had to get some great pics because this will likely end up being the last time we see these guys, at least for a while. I know, it's so depressing!

We played in the water for a little while, then headed back up to the boardwalk for a quick lunch. I'll spare you the details of the trauma we suffered there!

Then the big kids went back up to my parents room and took a two and a half hour nap with Nick. Not with Nick, but he stayed up there with them. I know, what a guy! And seriously, do I have the best kids or what? Who else out there has kids that will take a break during their busy, fun beach day to go up and take a nap? My goodness! While they were up there, I got to hang out with Melissa and Dub and just...relax. Ahhhh.

And we ended the day with fun in the pool. Well, technically we ended the day at a cookout back at our house, but we ended the pictures in the pool, so that's all I have. See you tomorrow!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend- Day One

Alright, I seriously tried to keep it to five. Honestly! But we took almost two hundred pictures today! I got it down to twelve. Hey, you know what? If that's too many, don't look! But you'll be sorry you missed them....

Here's the view from my parent's hotel room. Twelve floors up! Needless to say, I did NOT take this picture. I got short of breath looking at the balcony from across the room!

And this is my dad- not sure I've ever posted a pic of him on here. Although you can't exactly see him...

We spent a little while in the hotel's pool, to escape the sun for a few minutes...

Then it was back to the beach for a little more of this...