Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, I am finally back in my home. For the next ten days. No surprise, Nick did fabulously while I was gone. Sorta makes me look bad. I mean, he can handle the kids and the housework AND a full time job, and I can barely handle anything at all? But whatever. He cleaned the whole house, including bathrooms, did all the laundry, changed all the bedding-everything that takes me all week to do, he did on Friday afternoon before picking me up from the airport. (This is Nick adding to Jennifer's blog after reading this post: In Jennifer's defense, y'all, I didn't have a baby to deal with while I cleaned the house. She took the baby with her to her grandmother's funeral and just left me with the big kids. She always sells herself short on her blogs. She is an amazing mother and an amazing wife! Don't let her tell you any differently.)

I was NOT prepared for the welcome I received. Ava and Scott ran up to me and threw their arms around me and jumped up and down and shouted and clapped and squealed with laughter. And it was ten o'clock at night! Ya'll, my kids LOVE to sleep, I can't believe they were awake, let alone excited! And they went right to sleep in the car for the ride, and then climbed right into their beds, no arguments. And then the greeting this morning was almost as sweet!

So, obviously, glad to be home. But I am getting more than a little overwhelmed at all the things I need to do this week. The kids are going to school every morning next week to give me time to do it all, and full days the following Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, but still, I don't know how I'm gonna get it done. I have to pack and put aside three suitcases to take to Biloxi. I have to pack winter clothes for Biloxi AND summer clothes for Stuart and Disney, and toys to keep everyone busy while my mom works all day and I'm trapped at home with no car. So, any Biloxi readers who wanna have a playdate...CALL ME!!!

We have to get everything ready for the movers, which seems like shouldn't be much, but it actually will be. We have to hide all our liquids in plastic tubs with our clothes because they don't want to move liquids. And naturally, I have sixty seven bottles of shampoo from when I was heavy into couponing. The lady from the company came last week to get the lay of the spread, and she told Nick that we can't bring our bed! It's a HUGE four poster, the bed of my dreams, I got it as soon as I graduated nursing school. It's so friggin big, we had to bring it through an upstairs window in Norfolk because it wouldn't fit up the stairway! She said they don't have a crate big enough for we have to find a new bed! Or just use a naked frame, which we might end up doing for a while.

And then, we have to clean this sucker. I voted for hiring a cleaning crew, but Nick thinks the six hundred dollars they want is a little high. I still vote for hiring a crew! I'm talking SERIOUS cleaning ya'll. Walls, baseboards, behind the fridge, trim and molding, everything! Gross gross gross. Not my idea of a good time.

Phew. That was exhausting. I'm gonna go upstairs, kick the piles of clothes waiting to be packed out of the way, and watch TV till I fall asleep. I'll start this to-do list tomorrow :)

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