Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Guess it's been a while since I joined in the menu planning fun. Well, not really, I just haven't felt like posting it. Rest assured, I plan a menu every single week. Not just me, Nick does it a lot. I just don't know how people who don't plan a menu get dinner on the table. How do they know what to buy at the commissary?

Since the kids and I have thirty one days left in the house, and only twenty nine dinners, we are really trying to use up our freezer and pantry surplus. The movers are picky about what sorts of foods they will or will not move, so if anyone needs a gallon and a half of vegetable oil...or a liter of balsamic know, things like that :) Let me know, it's yours.

Sunday: we're taking the man who drove us an hour both ways to the airport, both to drop us off AND pick us up (what a guy! that's four hours in the van this poor guy spent!) and his family out to the local Shogun type place. His wife is the first person I met out here and I really really like her. She's one of the things I'm gonna miss most about good ole Groton. She's got a little four year old girl, and the cutest little red headed two year old boy, and then a sweet sweet baby girl who was born on Halloween. And her big kids are polite and quiet in public and they don't have dirty faces...maybe eating out with them is a bad idea. I don't want to spend the entire evening embarrassed. That ship has probably sailed...

Monday: beef stroganoff, from my Grandma June's recipe book. So good!

Tuesday: chicken fajitas, with the sauce from Williams and Sonoma. That will finish up all the sauce, and we probably won't get any more for the next three years. Sigh.

Wednesday: spicy fatboy sausage (with one of the THREE boxes of elbow macaroni, instead of the penne. why would I have three boxes of elbow macaroni stocked up? was there a can't-miss-elbow-macaroni deal one day? seriously?)

Thursday: Bible study-the theme is breakfast for dinner, so naturally I'll be bringing my breakfast casserole. And I don't plan to share.

Friday: chicken and vegetable stir fry, with a pack of boneless skinless thighs we have stocked up (yuck, I hate thighs, but Nick likes them, so we have about eight pounds in the freezer...why are they so slimey?)

Saturday: creamy one pot pasta with whatever turkey sausage is left from the fatboy pasta. This is a recipe I got at a Pampered Chef party one day and man, it's awesome. Seriously, give it a go. It's annoying how the recipe is tailored for Pampered Chef products, but I have total faith that you can figure it out.

What's on your menu this week? If you need some ideas, head over here for thousands.

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