Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Seriously, another Monday? How can that be possible! I just don't get it! My days are SO LONG!!! Yet every time I turn around, an entire week has blown by like it was nothing!

Well, I haven't been thinking too much about Guam lately, not because I'm afraid of Guam itself, but because I'm afraid of the flight. Nick has been getting all buddy buddy with the housing office (hence the Saving of the Washing Machine) and the guy there told him this morning that he thinks the only four bedrooms that will be available mid-March will be in an off base neighborhood (like where we live now) FORTY FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM THE BASE! Say what? I can't be that far away from the CDC, where my big kids WILL be going to preschool. Ya'll know I'm not keeping them home alone with me five days a week! And I'm not driving forty five minutes BOTH WAYS three times a week! Can you imagine the havoc that would wreck on my Nazi Nap Schedule? No way. So it looks like we'll be looking at some off base (non base housing off base) housing. Which I am equal parts nervous and excited about.

Anyway, the kids want dinner regardless of my current mental state, so Nick made a menu this weekend while I pulled my hair out and muttered "fourteen hours on a plane, fourteen hours on a plane." And of course, as I'm typing this, my brain is screaming "THAT'S JUST ONE LEG OF THE TRIP! WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER EIGHT HOURS OF FLYING?" So now I have to mutter 'twenty two hours on a plane, twenty two hours on a plane.' What on earth have I gotten myself into?

All right, pity party over. For a few minutes.

Sunday: southern fried chicken with the couple from Nick's class who just literally found out they're going to Guam. Can you imagine! I think they had orders to Norfolk, then all this business started with one of the other boats out there and then BAM they have to be halfway around the world in about a month and a half. This is why people hate the Navy! I mean, we had plenty of time to get ready, and we're actually pretty excited to go, but what if you had NO DESIRE and you woke up one day and had to go that far away? Pretty scary!

Monday: loaded potato soup and biscuits. This is a new recipe, hopefully it works out. My history with trying to replicate O'Charley's soup is pretty sketch.

Tuesday: calzones

Wednesday: breakfast for dinner. I somehow ended up with tons of bacon in the fridge, so we gotta eat that up!

Thursday: OCF

Friday: grilled pinwheel chicken and naan bread (trying to plow thru those legs and thighs in the freezer)

Saturday: cheesy hashbrown chili Now I know this sounds pretty trailer trash, but it's really good, and it's easy to grind up some veggies in the food processor and sneak those in. So give it a shot, it's really not that bad. It's not nearly as bad and spaghetti noodles and ketchup, right? :)

Need some help planning your menu this week? Check this lady out for hundreds of great ideas!

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