Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I had to do my weekly grocery shopping at the Wal-Mart yesterday. Gross. Anyone who thinks that only Wal Marts in the south are full of trailer trash rednecks- WRONG! They're up here too.

But I got what I needed, and here's our menu for this week.

Sunday: buffalo wings

Monday: chicken riggies (gosh, we're STILL going thru those chicken thighs!)

Tuesday: creamy one pot pasta (had this on the menu a few weeks ago but for some reason or other did not actually make it)

Wednesday: frozen ravioli and texas toast (Nick has to work at night, so why bother making a real dinner?)

Thursday: slow cooker pulled chicken sandwhiches (after years of buying different crock pots, only to have them break, including a hundred dollars plus all-clad version, I got a teeny tiny 4qt original CrockPot at Target for twenty dollars. It has NOTHING fancy, just a dial that says High or Low. And it works, and it doesn't burn my food, and so far it hasn't broken. Can you believe that?) And BTW, if you follow the link, the original recipe is actually for pork. Just throw in some breasts and thighs instead. Bone in or boneless, it really doesn't matter. Whatever's on sale!

Friday: parmesan crusted pork chops (an old staple that we haven't made in a while)

Saturday: slow cooker shredded beef tacos (guess who's REALLY excited about her new crock pot?)

What's on your menu this week? As usual, if you need some ideas, check this out for inspiration!

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