Sunday, January 17, 2010

Remember when you didn't have kids? And you would go over to a friend's house who had kids? And you would hear their kids sing song voices calling from the bathroom 'Mom-my, I'm do-ne!' And way back when, you had no idea what they were even talking about? But then you wized up and realized what that kid was 'done' with? And you laughed behind your hand and thought too bad for them, they have such sad lives now that they have kids. IF I ever have kids, they'll NEVER call me from the bathroom for THAT! And then remember when you had a darling little pink faced daughter, and she was so sweet and beautiful and you KNEW that her soft fuzzy body could NEVER produce anything that wasn't rosy and beautiful and lovely?

Fastforward four years. And that lovely daughter eats like a linebacker. And twice a day you hear a sing-song voice calling from the bathroom 'Mom-my! I'm do-ne!'

Sometimes I don't know why I thought being a mom would be so cool.

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