Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weight Watchers and Other Random Thoughts

First up, let's have a big hooray! I'm almost back to the weight I was at the beginning of November! I lost two point six pounds this week. I'd like to brag and say I worked out every day and only ate salads and broccoli, but that would be a lie no one would believe anyway. The only thing different I did was work the program. Tracked my points, drank my water. That's all it takes! So why is it so hard to do? So that finally puts me back out of the one fifties (again) and even though it's not as sweet the second (third?) time around, it's still pretty sweet.

No news on the Guam house debacle. Not that I expected it to get resolved in twenty four hours, but hey, you never know. My biggest concern is being near enough to Brandi to see her on a daily basis. But for now I guess it's just hurry up and wait. I am slowly setting aside the things we need to take with us to Biloxi, and we've already got a HUGE box of summer clothes that we're mailing to Stuart for our two weeks there plus our week in Disney. Anything extra we need we can just buy at the Carter's outlet down there because I'm sick to death of going through last summer's clothes! I plan on leaving all our winter clothes at a Goodwill in Biloxi and not having to worry about hats and gloves (or even long sleeves!) for the next three years! Hooray for tropical weather! This yankee winter bs is for the birds.

So after Christmas, I got this new game for the Wii, it's the Jenny McArthy shape up work out game. First of all, I LOVE Jenny McArthy. Not sure if I'm spelling it right, but I love her nonetheless. She's the kind of person I would typically hate on principle (gorgeous, thin, former playboy playmate) but I learned a hard lesson in nursing school and ended up being best friends with someone I hated on principle, so I tossed those sorts of principles back then.

Back to Jenny. When I was pregnant with Ava and every single woman around me was carrying around a copy of What to Expect, I had a dog eared copy of her book Belly Laughs. I mean, sure, I had What to Expect too because my older sister gave me her copy, and every now and then I looked something up, but ninety nine percent of the time, Belly Laughs was my BIBLE. I'm serious ya'll, I must have read that book ten times. She saved me a bundle on lamaze classes by pointing out that if you get an epidural, you don't do those things anyway. And I was TOTALLY getting that! She convinced me not to go to the ER at three in the morning when I was constipated. She let me know that it wasn't the end of the world if I didn't feel like breastfeeding, which I didn't, but everyone else did, so I was too scared to tell anyone. And after I ended up with a surgical deliver, she reminded me that a mother is a mother, even without pushing the kid through a birth canal.

Long story short, I really love her! AND she's big into Weight Watchers! So when I saw a commercial for that video game, Nick already knew we were gonna get it. (He knows of my Jenny McArthy obsession. It's hard not to notice.) I finally got around to doing it today. I kept blowing it off to use the EFX instead, because I figured it wouldn't be much of a workout. And yes, the fact that I can watch Lost on the EFX might have had something to do with it :)


About seven minutes into a simple step routine, I had to sit on the couch and catch my breath. Seriously. I didn't wear my HR monitor because I seriously thought it wasn't going to be any sort of actual workout (the step class for the Wii Fit was sort of a joke) but I bet I got up to the 180's at least. And I had twenty three minutes plus a cool down left!

The only thing that sort of sucked is that you train this little webcam on yourself, and so you watch yourself on the TV flailing around like a drunk white guy dancing. I always knew I wasn't very coordinated, but actually seeing myself on the screen...not pretty. And the computer somehow watches you, so if you're stepping wrong or not raising your arms high enough (I wasn't raising them AT ALL after ten minutes) she'll start saying 'let's get those legs going!' or 'try to do what I'm doing!' which was embarrassing. Thank God I remembered to shut the blinds before I got started!

I normally work out in the mornings before Nick goes to work, so tomorrow I'll have to do it with him watching. He knows how uncoordinated I am, but this is still going to be embarrassing. Hopefully he doesn't laugh too much!

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