Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost Recap-Warning:Boring

Well, I'm all bundled up and hiding upstairs because the movers are leaving the doors open to take every single thing that I own out to the truck to (hopefully) ship to Guam. It's a lot sadder than I thought it would be!

So, did anyone watch Lost last night? As usual, I was super super excited, watched the show, and was left disappointed and wanting more. Guess that's the point though. What I REALLY wanted, though, was access to my trust ole Stephen King collection. Anyone read the Dark Tower? Back in the beginning, when it was amazing? People who don't care about Lost, or SK, read no further. That's all I'm talking about for now. Did I mention that I'm holed up in the empty office all by myself?

So, in the first Dark Tower book, you meet this kid Jake, from our world in New York. He got pushed in front of a subway (yet another reason I have NO DESIRE to visit New York Mom!) and died, and his dying is what got him into the DT world. Well, by the end of the first book, he's died again, in DT world. And then in either the next book or the third (but I'm pretty sure it's the second, called the Drawing of the Three, which just makes sense) he comes back. He's still in our world in New York, and he's going crazy because he feels like his mind is splitting in two. He can't quite remember everything, but he has this sense that something happened and he had actually died one day down in a subway. So he SORT OF remembers his time in DT world, and he's also still living out his life in our world. So he's sorta going nutso because of this like dual existence.

Well, being trapped up here all morning, I've been googling the stuffing out of this, typing every single combo of 'jake, dark tower, SK, lost' and on and on into the little google window, and apparently no one else is talking about my ideas. But I'm still holding fast- THIS is what Lost is doing. It's gotta be! Right?

Jack knows something is up, and so does Desmond. And he's got that cut on his neck! And Charlie knows something is wrong too! So they're all going to have this feeling that something is just a tiny bit off, that they're being torn in two different directions. I'm calling it-the Lost producers DID rip off SK and the Dark Tower, but just not in the way I thought (and feared.)! I'm actually quite impressed by the whole idea!

What am I NOT impressed by? That whole other-Others at the Temple. Gimme a break! You can't just throw that HUGE structure up there with ALL THOSE PEOPLE and expect us to believe that in all the traipsing back and forth, the Losties never saw it. And the stewardess? Er, I mean flight attendant? She's just been hanging out there the whole time? And oops, Ben's done, here, meet this different leader of the Others. That's just lazy writing boys. You can say you've had it planned all along till the cows come home, but I'm not buying it. WAKE UP! OPEN YOUR EYES! YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS! Get rid of those ridiculous extra people and give us more of what we want-our original characters that we've invested FIVE LONG YEARS into.

So. Until Friday, when I can go to a library and get those early Dark Tower books, guess I'll be trying to figure out this whole google business. Every time I think I'm getting a little computer literate...

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