Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras

Well today was Mardi Gras! I always forget that little holiday, since no where I have lived since 2000 even acknowledged it at all. I was secretly hoping Warren would come on Fat Tuesday last year, a day before my section was scheduled. I don't know why, just so that his birth day would be marked by something awesome. Oh well, Ash Wednesday is awesome to some people I guess...
Anyway, ever since the Hurricane, I guess Mardi Gras hasn't been quite as spectacular as it once was. This was our second time being back for it (we went in 2008 as well) and I was still pretty excited! It's just a fun time to camp out and sort of tailgate, that's how I've always looked at it. Of course, I don't drink and I only know about four people in this town anymore...but it was still fun.

But SUPER cold! I mean, seriously! The weather guy said it would be between 45-50, which is pretty nice, but there was some SERIOUS wind out there! Thank God I brought their big coats! I almost left those suckers in Connecticut. The big kids have these kid versions of those Columbia style jackets, with a zip in fleece liner that you can wear alone or inside. So my original plan was to just bring those fleece jackets and leave the big bulky snow part at a Goodwill in Groton. But it was SO FRICKIN COLD the day we left Providence, we had to wear them into the airport, so I was stuck with them.

Again, thank God. We needed those suckers today!That's my guy, on the Missisppi Gulf Coast, wearing a snow coat, fleece liner, gloves, mittens, and a full fleece hat along with the snow hood. Sheesh! Glad I came down from Connecticut for this! Guam is seeming more and more like paradise...

Warren is a champ at standing. As long as he's holding onto something. And his feet are firmly planted. That guy is NEVER gonna walk!c'mon Grandma, hang up on Arika and hold me tighter!

Ava didn't let all those layers get in the way of her unique style...

We see the parade!

And this is what my darling looked like by the end of the afternoon. Because it was so frickin cold, it certainly didn't occur to me that we'd need sunscreen. Even though I've spent a small fortune on fashion magazines that make a point, EVERY winter, of telling you to wear sunscreen, even when it's cold. Sheesh. Note to self: go to BJs and buy gallons of sunscreen. Isn't sunburn worse when you're close to the equator?

And yes, that's a pacifier. It's bedtime. Mind your own. And isn't it strange how it's just burnt on that one side? Hmph.

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