Saturday, February 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Well, it's considerably harder to menu plan down here because a)I don't have my handy dandy recipe box, and b)it's just my mom down here for the most part (my dad works offshore) and so she doesn't have the sort of pantry staples you need when you want a budget friendly menu. But I powered through and came up with something I hope my kiddos will eat, at least a few nights this week.

Sunday: baked chicken legs (I wanted to make Nick's Famous Grilled Legs, but alas, I can't figure out how to hook my dad's grill up to the little tank of gas or propane or whatever, so we'll be trying something new. sounds pretty easy to me.)

Monday: parmesan pork chops (another ole faithful)

Tuesday: leftovers (gross, I hate leftovers, but my mom's fridge is TEENY, so we gotta keep things going out of there.)

Wednesday: jaime's chili (not providing the link anymore because I change it so much. one day I'll write up the RIGHT way to do it)

Thursday: my friend Angela's potato soup and rolls

Friday: creamy one pot pasta (another ole faithful)

Saturday: spicy fatboy pasta (and another ole faithful. we like boredom in our household. we call it dependable, not boring.)

What's on your menu this week? If you need any last minute ideas, head over here for some inspiration!

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