Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, my mother has been nagging (I mean trying very nicely) to get me to go to this Mother's of Preschoolers program thingamajig for the last four years, and I never went. A-I hate meeting new people. To say I have social anxiety would be putting it VERY mildly. B- for the first three and a half of those four years, I worked full time. And C-you know how I feel about nap schedules. Any program out there, be it Bible studies or Teach Your Baby How to Clap His Hands For Thirty Dollars A Class, runs sometime around nine o'clock. WHICH IS NAP TIME. I mean, seriously, am I the last of a dying breed? None of my (very few) mommy friends does naps, but I always thought that was just them, and that the rest of the world was like me. I may have been (ohh, it pains me to say this) wrong.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, MOPS.

My mom belongs to the most amazing church I've ever been in. Truly amazing. And, of course they do MOPS. And when I saw it on the bulletin last Sunday, I halfheartedly agreed, mostly just to placate my mother. But then, after spending just three days (four if you count that first Friday) alone all day with those kids and no car, when Thursday rolled around, I couldn't get there fast enough. Nap be damned, I was GOING to MOPS and no one would dare stop me.

I expected there to be some snooty women there, and there were. But it was GREAT!!! I mean, seriously, so fun. The kids ran right into their classrooms (they're used to them because it's where they always go to Sunday school when we visit Biloxi) and I nervously made my way to the Other Mothers. Shuddering in feat, but determined to at least bear with it so that I could sit still and eat cookies without having to wipe any boogers or get anyone another cup of water, or try and unwedge something that Scott got stuck in his mouth...surely I could handle just about any snooty Southern Mother for this chance at freedom.

And the freedom lasted two hours.

And aside from the occasional mom that was actually quite easy to ignore, everyone else was really warm and inviting. I (naturally) ended up at the Geeky table, but that suits me just fine. I sat there all through junior high and high school, why should adulthood be much different? I was dressed the same as everyone else (big worry) and only a few were super skinny, but most were my size, and like I said, everyone was friendly and welcoming.

So I'm hooked! They have another one in two weeks, and I'll be there come hell or high water. Seriously, I'm truly converted. Maybe I'll start joining all kinds of groups and become a social butterfly who never gets nervous to meet new people.

Probably not. But I'll be at MOPS, and that's a start.


  1. Jennnn! I'm so nervous what you would think about me at MOPS!! I've never even been! And I share some of the same concerns you had! What if all those moms are super natural and scoff at Rowen drinking juice and eating processed foods and judge me for working 80 hrs a week and letting him eat food off the floor? Maybe I'll try it out someday...

    In the meantime, thanks for always entertaining me with your blog!

  2. I tried to go to a MOPs when I stayed at home with Nathan. So I went to their website and emailed to see which one was close to me and was told that I couldn't join b/c we didn't have one in my area!!!! But if I was interested I could start a chapter. Seriously? The whole reason I wanted to go was to meet people, if I knew people I wouldn't need to go. So discouraging.

    So glad your experience was great!!! Hope you can find one in Guam.