Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photography Lesson at the Park

Well, when Grandpa Matt left Tuesday for work, he got a ride, so I have a vehicle! Of course, I don't really need one since I'm pretty much housebound, what with all the napping we do, but it's nice to have an option. Warren went down early this morning, so we went to the library for story time when he woke up. Isn't that so stay-at-home-mom of me? I'm so awesome.

Anyway, the big kids were scared of the lady telling the story, so we went out to the regular part of the library so they could do puzzles and I could hold the baby, who cried for forty five minutes straight. Next Thursday, he'll be one. And then I can say that he's been crying for twelve straight months. Ugh.

So after I couldn't take any more of that, we headed outside to the park. It was COLD and I know it's no one's fault and it's stupid to get angry, but I am PISSED off about all this cold weather. I'm sick of it! Just sick to death of it. Tune in next month to hear me complain about the heat in Guam.

So as a going-to-Guam present, Nick and I treated ourselves to a new camera lens. It's a 55-200, which means that I can stand on one side of a football field and take pictures of the players on the other end. So that's cool.

Now, I took one hundred and twenty four pictures this morning at the park. I deleted all but twenty seven of them, and of those twenty seven, these are the only ones that are pretty good. But some of the ones not on here are just cute and fit their personalities, so I gotta keep em, and some of them will look better once I figure out Photoshop. And out of the hundred and twenty four pictures, I pick this one (below)as the best shot of the day. What do you think?
Well, it's better in real life, instead of teeny tiny on my blog.
Background's nice and blurred, face is pretty focused (although it looks like the jacket is MORE focused) and you can definitely tell he's actually swinging, right? Look at his little hair. I tell you what, that kid can grate every single nerve in my body with his NON STOP CRYING, but just looking at that face makes me forget all about it.
Sort of.

And here's my runner up for best. Keep in mind, I was REALLY far away, and I had to use manual focus because the auto couldn't figure out how to deal with the swinging back and forth. I think I'm getting the hang of this ya'll!

And if you're wondering why it's so Warren heavy and Big Kids light- it's because for now, Warren's slower, so I can actually get a shot of him. And he doesn't know yet that it's cool to make a HORRIBLE face when your mom points a camera at you. And the Big Kids have snot all over their faces in all their pictures because I still can't get a handle on their allergies.

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