Monday, February 8, 2010

Pretty Exciting Weekend

Well, this weekend was a blast! One lonely day of staying at home all by myself for a FULL workday was more than I could handle, so we got out as much as we could over the weekend. Seriously ya'll, how am I gonna do it for real when Nick goes back to a REAL job, let alone when he goes out to sea? Sheesh.

We spent a lot of Friday doing this...

And this..

And then on Saturday we headed to the mall in hopes to meet this guy...

But the line was WAY TOO LONG (we're talking two plus hours wait time! with a thousand toddlers and preschoolers! maybe for Dora, but not for just Diego. sorry buddy) so we settled for hanging out with this silly lady...

And getting our faces painted. Now that line was considerably long as well, and when we finally got up there, we got stuck with Great Grandma Parkinson's. Seriously. But the kids didn't seem to mind that she just slapped some paint on their cheeks with no rhyme or reason, so we didn't tell them it looked like poo.

Then we headed over to a Mexican restaurant (!!!) to meet Angela and Dawan and sweet baby Aidan. And then I didn't get ANY good pics. But here's what I did get.

Then on Sunday while my mom and the kids were watching the Superbowl (seriously. that was weird) Dawan plugged all my Wii stuff in for me so we could spend countless hours bowling and working out and all that fun stuff that was supposed to keep the kids entertained for the next nineteen days (not that I'm counting or anything.) While I DID work out this morning (hooray for me!! and hooray for the kids, all three of them left me alone to do it!!) the kids want nothing to do with bowling or any of their games. And while I don't like them to watch too much TV, they won't even agree to sit down for ONE SHOW so I can take a shower. Kinda sucks. I'm one of those women who can't manage to shower or get dressed. Sigh.

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  1. Rob and I just had a belly laugh over Great Grandma Parkinson's and how Scott was just sitting there with this ridiculous picture on his face and not caring one bit!