Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thurdays Random Thoughts. For Saturday.

In preparation for Nick's glorious return to our lives in less than eight hours...I'm playing on the computer while the kiddos run rampant through my parents house. Or rather, what's left of my parents house. Among the casualties? My mom's poor cat, Anna, who is too terrified to come inside; countless bottles of fancy lotion that Ava slathered all over her body and any surface that stood still long enough (Anna, perhaps?); numerous boxes of Lucky Charms that have been spilled all over the dining room floors; the sheets, the walls, the floors (anything that stood still long enough for Scott to color- Anna, perhaps?); and most recently, a tube of ridiculously overpriced lipstick that I treated myself to as yet another moving-to-Guam-feel-better-present. And honey, if you're reading this, that was my favorite that's gonna have to be replaced.

And really, it's not even the kids' faults. It's mostly mine. Maybe eighty twenty. Eh, maybe seventy thirty. I just can't keep an eye on all three of them at the same time. And I'm pretty picky about choosing battles. Do I REALLY care if Scott eats a box of crayons? Not so much. So how is he supposed to know that he can't eat my lipstick? I mean, they DO sorta look alike. So what am I supposed to do, just make them sit still and quiet on the couch and never do anything ever again? Uh, not gonna happen folks.why is it that once they're mobile, they're always heading away from you?

Hoping to merge these two pics below together with Photoshop so that they look super cute together. Seriously, why can't they just look at the camera together?!?!

Needless to say, I need to get a handle on this stay-at-home-mom thing. No, I never wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. Ever. Like, never ever ever. But God (and really, the Navy) had other plans. So I'm doing it. And I'll probably be doing it for a long, long time. Like, a really long time. Probably at least until Nick gets back to shore duty, which is three long years away. So I might as well just admit that this is my life for now and move on. I can do it. Right? RIGHT??? What do dorky geeks do when they have to tackle a problem? They read books about it. So that's what I'm doing, and I'm getting a lot of good ideas from this little gem. It's actually pretty funny, if anyone else needs a book to tell them how to do something that a ten year old girl can do on her own...
So now I feel like I have a plan. Pick Nick up from the airport. Crawl into a hole somewhere and read all my EW magazines that he's been saving for me. Take care of baby on flight to Stuart, but otherwise have NO CONTACT with children whatsoever. Lay in Grandpa Kenny's pool listening to iPod while Nick continues to Single Parent all children. Survive the Happiest Place on Earth, even though everyone except Nikki has now bailed on us. (BTW, it's a six bedroom house, so anyone reading this who wants to come to Disney pretty much for free...COME ON DOWN!) Find some sort of Ativan or Valium to survive flight to Guam. Lay in pool at the hotel until we find a cement house to live in. Quickly move in and find van. Say goodbye to Nick and become Single Mother during deployments.
And no, I didn't forget that it was Warren's other day. One day this week. Or last week. It's just that with his NONSTOP crying (which is now over, so Nick won't believe me when he gets here, bc that kid will be all smiles and coos) we didn't really celebrate. We're having a party tomorrow and I'll do some sort of birthday post then, I guess.

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