Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And All the Extra Pictures From Our Vacation

Did I ever mention that my Grandpa joined us for a few days down here? I must have, I'm sure. This is him (can you tell he's my dad's dad?) with Warren. Warren, naturally, was drawn like a magnet to his hearing aid. That boy.

We all headed to Medieval Times (sp?) on Saturday night. So fun. Between having the boys in our laps and the low lighting, I didn't get ANY shots of the actual dinner show, but I did get a lot before and after.

These are from when Aunt Kimmie and Grandma Jane came with the boys for a BBQ on Sunday. So nice! Except...I didn't want to complain, since for the most part this vacay has been amazing. BUT...the pool heater went on the fritz Sunday morning. How is that fair?!?! It was so hot it was almost uncomfortable, and then the day we REALLY wanna use it, it conks out? But I guess if that's my only complaint, I'm doing pretty good. Right?

Look at these lovely ladies!

This is Scott right after he unwrapped Aunt Michelle's early birthday gift...

And this is him seconds later, 'fixing' something or other under then coffee table. THAT boy.

Group shot with Grandma Jane.

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