Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Animal Kingdom (Jenn's Camera)

So for Animal Kingdom Monday, Grandpa Kenny and Cousin Dylan met us at the park for a day of Safari Fun! I just love the characters all dressed up in their safari gear. I think that that's the real reason Animal Kingdom is my fave. That, and those shirts where Pooh is holding looking thru a magnifying glass at a real tiger and saying "Tigger, is that you?" So cute!!! Now, I'm not usually one for cutesy...but come on. That's killer!

We got there early (as per our itinerary-but seriously, we might have been a little TOO early. oops) and made a beeline for the safari ride. Which, of course, is in the back. But what else did we expect. And it ended up being worth it, because ALL the animals were out! Nick took pics of the animals, but I'm just not that into that, so I'm not posting those. Trust me, they were awesome. As far as animals go anyway.

Group shot!

Then we headed for characters! That's so fun, I don't know why we didn't do it last time. Oh yeah I do. My kids were terrified. But they're not anymore, and I get the perks of getting to see Minnie all the time! Win win! Hooray!

Not sure why, but we COULD NOT get Scott's hand out of her mouth. Weird. But, sounds about right for Scott, doesn't it?

Next up: The Festival of the Lion King. So good! I just love those types of circus shows. The kids were pretty into it too, right? Look at their faces!

Quick stop at the Dinoland play area while Mama went to get fastpasses for the fun stuff (thanks for riding with me Dylan!!!)

The Animal Kingdom version of the Dumbo ride...

And the final picture. A little something to leave you wanting more :)

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