Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day One Continued (Still Jenn's Camera)

Not much typing today because I'm once again exhausted. I thought the first time around, when I was here with my two and a half year old and my one year old- I thought I was tired THEN. Wrongo! Poor old naive Two Kid Jenn. She had no idea what was coming to her!

I also HATE blogging on the laptop because for some reason I can't drag my pictures around off the screen. Does anyone out there know how to fix this problem? It's very annoying! So instead of going in and moving them around as html, I'm just gonna leave them all outta order. Sorry :(

Here's us with the great couple itself- Minnie and Mickey! Not to sound too ridiculous, but I actually had to fight back tears when I met her. Seriously. Ava was pretty excited, but I was out of my mind! I mean, it's Minnie Mouse! When we went the first time, it was so packed, and the kids were still scared of anyone in a costume, we didn't even bother. But this time, the wait was about six or seven minutes, and when we got into the little room where they were, we had all the time in the world! The people didn't rush us at all, and Mickey and Minnie were so personable! It really was, for lack of a better word, magical. Sigh.

Here's Ava in Minnie's Country House. What a cutie! Again, I have this same picture of her from when she was two and a half. Here come some more tears!

Uncle Andy got pretty excited about the Goofy rollercoaster. I wasn't on it (obviously) but Nick says Scott had the TIME OF HIS LIFE on that ride.

None of the kids really knew who Buzz Lightyear was, but that didn't stop us from jumping in the three minute line to meet the guy!

Ahh, the Teacups. Ava was so excited! I didn't ride that one either, but she seemed to enjoy it. Later on though, when I asked her what her favorite ride was, she said Winnie the Pooh! Sorta made me a little sad for her, but she didn't seem disappointed with the teacups or anything. Oh well.

And this was...can't remember. Obviously some sort of 3D ride, right? And of course, the Fruit Rollup Face.

The Magic Carpet Ride (generic Dumbo, as I like to think of it!)

Okay, guess I'm typing more than I thought I would. I just gotta get in all the backstory! Here are the girls, terrorizing poor Scott. As they did all day. As they do EVERY day. Poor Scott. Shortly after this shot, we were walking toward the exit (the rain finally got to be too much at about four) and they were all munching on the Mickey Ears ice creams. And Scott's fell right off the stick and hit the floor. And he burst into not just tears but actual WAILS. Everyone around us was making sympathetic comments and it was so sweet and so sad and so so so funny...until a bird swooped in and started eating the ice cream. Then it was just downright hilarious and I literally lost my mind. Again, poor Scott!

So that's day one, just from my camera. I still have to get through Nikki's! I know that this is boring, but you know me. This blog is a backup for my pics. You know, in case my backup CDs and my backup flashdrive and my backup Walgreens account fails :) So I'll try not to repost too much. If you're bored, hey. There's plenty of other blogs out there! Good luck finding one with kids this cute!

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