Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day One

So yesterday was our first day in Guam. What a day! Brandi and Harley and the boys (Lee and Easton) met us here bright and early to go down to the pool and take Nick on base to check in. I have a few pics from the AMAZING water park at the hotel, but naturally, since I don’t have the internet and can’t even post what I’m writing, that’s not gonna do any of us any good. After we got our fill of the sun (which didn’t take long- the sun here is HOT!!! Is that even possible, that the actual sun it different here? I swear it is) we headed back to Brandi’s for lunch and naps, in separate rooms! Hooray for that, it’s such a pain to nap three kids in a hotel room while Nick and I hide out and don’t speak for fear of waking anyone up.
We met Nick and Harley at the house, and Nick reported what I figured he’d report about the housing office. Which was, despite all the empty houses surrounding us, there was no where for us to live and the only thing we could look at was way out by Andersen Air Force Base. SOOOO, Brandi took us to a house next door to her friend that was for rent and we called the number on the home made sign and the realtor lady said she’d meet us in thirty minutes.

Ever heard people joke around about island time? It’s no joke. She meet us an hour and forty five minutes later. BUT the house was huge and it had a GAS STOVE and a huge, shadey back yard that was nice and flat. I like to think of this house as The Ugliest House in America, however, because it is (obviously) very ugly. The outside is all right, but the kitchen is teeny tiny and ridiculously ugly. The THREE (yes three, not four) bedrooms have these rickety ugly ceiling fans and the bathrooms have pedestal sinks and no vanities and I could go on and on and on badmouthing this place except…


Yup, less than twenty four hours after we touched down on little ole Guam, we’d found the perfect (enough) place. We also looked at a BRAND NEW construction house in the same neighborhood (which is six minutes MAX from the base and the preschool, by the way) and it was AMAZING! I’ll refer to that house as FANCY PANTS. I have some pics, but I don’t wanna post them EVER because I don’t wanna be reminded of how beautiful it is in there. But the backyard sucks, and the stove is electric, and it wasn’t as big (even though it was four bedrooms) and there wasn’t as much storage. And it’s over (WAY OVER) our housing allowance so we’d have to pay some out of pocket for it. Nick was more than willing to pay the extra (what a guy) but we really talked through it and the Ugliest House in America is just a better fit. Seriously, the back yard is amazing. And I know it sounds so stupid, but having a gas stove is really important to me!!! And even though it only has three (tiny) bedrooms, it has the biggest playroom I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty excited!
So after we handled all that, we headed back to Brandi’s house. Let me tell you, it’s pretty weird driving by a Prada store and then stopping and waiting for a rooster to cross the road, and then seeing some guy on the side of the road, hanging up a bunch of turtles to sell as pets. What? I mean, who’s buying this poor guy’s turtles, hanging off a little shower curtain rod? Is this how he makes his living? Does he make enough?

The kids took a crusher of a nap- about three and a half hours- and when they woke up, the literally cried and sobbed and wailed until we got back to the hotel and put them back in bed. SUCKED. I understand that they’re jet lagged and it’s not their fault, but man, they can cry! They were up again at two thirty (Ava) and three (Scott) and all night (Warren) but Nick just fed them some string cheese and bananas from Mindy (thanks again!) and I guess they went right back to sleep and stayed down till six. Nick’s got the big kids down at the water park and I’ve got the baby sleeping in the bathroom (thanks again Andrea!) and all is well.
Sort of.

We headed up to Andersen this morning for some chocolate syrup for Scott and some yogurt for the baby (they carry the kind I like!!!) and I had a mini breakdown in the BX. Taylor Swift was on the overhead radio and we couldn’t find any Vaseline and I just lost it, I have no idea why. The big kids hate it when I cry so they were super sweet, handing me bags of M&Ms to “make me feel better.” What a great bunch of kiddos, right? I still don’t know what got me so upset. We’re just so far away!!! But it passed quickly and then I was fine. Especially after I found the yogurt. I mean, that stuff is hard to find even back in Real America, so it was pretty exciting.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be in the hotel. They have to finish painting the house, and our stuff is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, along with our car, so I guess there’s no real rush. The only thing that’s really bumming me out is not having an internet to show ya’ll how breathtaking the views are here. What a gay thing to say, the breathtaking views, right? But seriously, they literally take your breath away. All right. Guess I might as well nap while the baby naps, right?


  1. Hafa Adai! Welcome to Guam. It's a crazy juxtaposition of worlds, but you'll get used to it (at least that's what people tell me, I am appreciating life here more and more everyday). So great that you found a house and that you had a welcoming committee at the airport- it's helpful when they bring food.

    I think we should all be given shirts before moving here that say something like "don't shoot evil death ray glances at me, we are MOVING to Guam so my spouse can defend our country." We got the same dirty looks, but I think we had more stuff and there are only 3 of us.

    Let me know if you need anything or if you head down to this end of the island for more yogurt ;)

  2. Random info, but if you're close by, the USO is at the Royal Orchard Hotel which is on hotel row in Tumon. They have an excellent facility with video games, big tvs, comfy lounge chairs, and FREE internet connection. I think they usually have free (or for small donation) food.

  3. I love you and I am so glad that you are here!! We have a lot of great times awaiting us!