Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Three

For some reason, as soon as I got here, I became obsessed with these mountain type cliff thingies, hills, or whatever they are. It’s like I’m walking around the film set of Jurassic Park or something! Which, considering that’s my fave movie (one of many) isn’t all bad. Anybody out there ever watch Napoleon Dynamite? Remember when Uncle Rico looks out to the mountains and says “hey, you think I could throw this football over them mountains?” Also my fave movie. Anyway, point being, every time Nick and I turn a corner and come face to face with one of the mountain type cliff thingies, hills, or whatever they are, that’s what we say to each other. Good thing we found each other, because I’m pretty sure no one else would wanna date us 
Anyway, I’m typing this on Sunday afternoon. Last night, we went to McDonalds for dinner and to use their free WiFi. How pathetic has my life become that I’m so desperate for the internet anyway? I mean, I don’t even do anything productive. I just blog and stalk blogs and troll around facebook. And I LOVE IT. So I guess there’s that.

Nick and the kids are all napping. Poor Nick. He gets up with them at two and three and four and five and six, because he, too, is having a hard time figuring out that when the sun is down, that means it’s night time. Even though our bodies are screaming “it’s daytime! Get up! Let’s play! Let’s eat!” I’m doing great with the real nights, it’s the days that get me down. I feel tired ALL DAY, even though I’m clocking ten and twelve hours a night. So that’s sorta weird. I chuck up my amazing ability to sleep at will here with a lifelong habit of sleeping whenever I could, and also with spending four years of my life working from seven pm till seven am and never really having to adjust to ‘days.’ So there’s that too.

Anyway. Tomorrow Nick has to go to ‘work’ for a little while, checking into the hospital and signing the kids up for preschool at the CDC. I’ve just been informed that there’s a wait list. Crap. All my plotting and planning to get a house right by the gate, and now I’m gonna have to truck it all the way across town anyway to get to a preschool in town. Sort of pisses me off. Scratch that. REALLY pisses me off. But we shall see.

Anyway, point being, tomorrow will be my first (half) day of being a real mom on the island. You can pretty much predict how that’s gonna go. I can’t imagine getting all three down for breakfast, let alone out to the pool. We’ll probably just sit in bed, crying and eating what’s left of the snacks everyone stocked up for us and watching weird Japanese things on the strange TV. I found the Nickelodeon (sp?) channel, but tomorrow (which is Monday) morning, they’ll be showing what ya’ll watched on Sunday morning instead. And I think that on the weekends, Nickelodeon is all Sponge Bob and crap. And we DO NOT watch that. Sigh.

No breakdowns since the one at the BX, and that was over twenty four hours ago. Hooray for me! Oh yeah, and I also started a new book while I’m trapped out here on the balcony. Which, considering the view, isn’t that bad either. Anyway, it’s the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, my friend Angela told me it seemed good. It’s weird! I guess it was like written in Sweedish or something, so it’s translated and it’s a little bumpy. And I read in EW that they want Kristin Stewart to play her in the movie, and I HATE Kristin Stewart, so I spend most of my time trying NOT to picture her while I’m reading. Which takes a lot more effort than you might think. We’ll see how it goes. I just need another face to put in my head! All right. Your turn to decide if Guam has stolen my rationality, right?

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