Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disney Vacay, Day One (Jenn's Camera)

Does that give you a little hint of what our day was like? Sheesh. I don't mind a little rain. Seriously, I really don't. Good thing, since we're moving to Guam, right? But it rained ALL DAY LONG today. Thank God it was warm! And, all these sissies around here stayed home, so literally- longest we waited was seven minutes. Seriously!As promised, here's the gang in our trash bag ponchos. Is there really anything better than that castle? Sigh. It's so perfect. It's so amazing how big it looks, right? And then when you get up there, it's really not that tall at all! Me and Nick watched a show on the history channel one day about how they did that (making it seem so tall, I mean.) I didn't pay attention. I like to think of that sort of business as 'magic.'

Below is Ava's favorite part of the day. (For now. She changes her mind every few minutes.) Wait time to meet and greet Ariel? Two and a half minutes! Top that suckers! Anyway, here below she is showing the 'real' Ariel the picture of her on her poncho. What a weirdo! And if you're wondering, that's a fruit role up all over her face. Yes, I'm one of those moms who lets her kids run around all day with messy faces. But come on, you already knew that!

And here we are below on the carousal. Let me just justify my crappy pics here right quick. Number one, it's really hard to wear your baby, push your stroller, and take pictures while keeping your camera dry in a downpour. Number two, I used my zoom lens because I thought that would be better. WRONGO! It was nice for when I was far away (duh) but it's really hard to take a normal picture when you don't have room to back WAY WAY up! Again, duh. So that's my story.

Here below is some sort of Peter Pan ride. I was too busy trying to take these stupid pics, but from what I did see, it seemed sort of scary! Very dark, and VERY high up!

And now here's It's A Small World. Still my fave! The kids were just spellbound, just like last time! Obviously I don't have it with me, but I have this SAME picture of Scott from June of 2008, he literally looks JUST LIKE THIS!

Couple randoms shots below...

And now, I'm so exhausted and my feet hurt so much, that I'm calling it quits and going to bed. Those pictures up there are only the first two hours of our day! We stayed till four, so I'll be back soon with a TON more pictures. In case you need a hundred more :)

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I just posted this comment to you on my blog, but thought I'd post it here too to double the chances of you seeing it before heading this way... I am so glad you found my blog. I hope your trip goes great tomorrow- it's a long flight, but worth it once you're here and can relax (as much as possible with kiddos) at the beach :) I just read a little of your blog, and it's great! We do have internet, cable and usually even have electricity- sadly no Target or Starbucks (I miss Target the most). I know you're Navy, but if you need ANYTHING- even a fellow SAHM to hang out at the beach with one day, let me know! Guam really is good- once you get used to it :)