Sunday, March 14, 2010

Epcot (From Jenn's Camera)

Epcot was AMAZING! Seriously, I loved it! All I could remember from my senior class trip was that I thought it was so boring. When we went that June in 2008, we didn't even go to Epcot. But we went yesterday, and it was perfect! The weather was perfect, the kids were tired and stayed in the stroller, which was perfect, and we just walked around looking at everything. We didn't really stick to my itinerary, and we didn't get to ride all the rides, but we saw EVERYTHING in the World's Fair part, and the girls got to meet TWO PRINCESSES!!! So all in all, good day. Great day actually!

We got to see Mickey and the crew again (Thanks Andrea!!!) and once again, Scott was fascinated by their noses!

And then, the moment we'd all been waiting for...the Nemo ride!!! Too bad they don't have a Nemo character to meet, right?

After the ride, they had a little play area while you waited for Turtle Talk with Crush. Now, that show was AWESOME! The girls were a little too young, I think, to really get it, but this animated turtle seriously INTERACTS with the crowd! No idea how they did it (wasn't paying attention to that History Channel special) but it was really neat!

My favorite, the Figment of Your Imagination ride. Super cute!

In the little play area after that ride, they had this neat floor set up and when you stepped on these carpet tiles, the tile would light up and show you a picture of an instrument, and they music for it would play. It was really cool! Scott woulda spent an hour there, easy.

Really, try and imagine better weather. I dare you.

Here's Ava with Belle!!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie for songs. I can sing every word to every single song!!! And personally, I prefer that little blue and white dress to her big yellow ball gown. Just so you know :)

And the girls with Sleeping Beauty. I made the mistake of screeching 'look there's Snow White!!!' and all the other moms and the park lady who was her escort were like 'that is NOT Snow White!!! That's Sleeping Beauty!!! you're a HORRIBLE mother!!!' Sheesh. Anyway, she walked out of nowhere and hardly anyone was around, so once again...NO LINE!!!

What a day! Seriously, without kids, I could have stayed at Epcot from open to close. But alas, we had to get home for naps by three. Sigh. What a great vacation we're having!!!

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