Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great Swingset Debate and Brandi's Big Day

So I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm not cut out for Guam life? Maybe just a few times. I'm just SO SPOILED and SO used to having everything at my beck and call...I mean, I was freaking out over the summer when I spent a month in Biloxi and had to drive an hour to get to a Target. What I wouldn't give....

Anyway. We picked Big Ugly because of the amazing backyard. We wanted a swingset, naturally. My kids need to......uh, have a safe way to get their energy out? Does that sound like a nice way to say 'get out of my sight so I don' throttle them half to death'? You get the idea. So we figured we'd get one of those big huge wooden things that everyone in suburban America has, with the yellow slides? Mia has one, every kid we knew in VA had one- it just honestly never even occurred to me that we'd have a hard time finding one.

They don't have them here! Not even at Home Depot. I guess maybe the concern is that the wood will rot in all the humidity and rain? Who knows. But we don't live on base, where there's a playground every three houses, so we had to do something. Our neighbor has a metal one, you know, the old school swingset that we had when we were little? But those are almost guaranteed to rust out in a year or less. So we went to the NEX and picked out a cheesy plastic thing that the Grandpa Matt in my head was screaming "this is crap!!! Don't buy this!!!" But they said that they didn't have any in stock and didn't know when they'd get more. Could we special order one? Nope, they'll call us when they get some and we can hurry in and buy it then. So we drove to Andersen (and around the entire island) and got the same story.

But today, we were at the NEX (we go about four times a day. it's hard living out of suitcases in an empty house!) and just to get me to stop nagging him, Nick asked the toy lady if they had any swingsets. And they had ONE! So we took it. Honestly, I didn't even bother to look and see which one it was, I just wanted one, no matter what.

So here it is, in all its glory. Think they like it?

To make the day even better, it's Brandi's Birthday! Hooray for friends in Guam!!!
We headed over there for a bday dinner and cake and ice cream. She had a sprinkler set up...

...but I forgot the kids suits. Like Scott's makeshift trunks?
So that was our day. Quite productive, in my own opinion. We got the van yesterday. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it, until Nick pulled into the driveway and I actually got a little choked up. Should be a total wreck getting our household goods, right? Sheesh. I miss blogging so much, but it's a total hassle right now because the laptop only works in the playroom! I hope once we have our wireless stuff (you know I like to think of all that as magic) I'll be able to blog more regularly again. Keep the faith Constant Readers...things are going to get better.


  1. Yes, Jen! Things will get better, I promise! I can still remember even though it was many years ago, the day when your mom and I (and many others)were waiting for our things to arrive at Comiso AS. What a great feeling to see the truck with all those crates pulling around the corner! At last we felt like we were home instead of like we were camping out in a brand new house on base with loner furniture, etc.! I'm so glad you at least have your van...that's one step closer! I will be thinking about you all and hoping that day comes soon. Ann Saucier (Clair)

  2. They will get better! This time you're having now was my "dark" time on Guam, the week after we got out of the hotel and tried to settle into life, but couldn't because we didn't have our stuff. I started becoming a new person and embracing our new life the day the movers showed up with our of the wonderful crated goodness. Who knew "stuff" was so important. And I feel ya on Target, I really, really do. I miss Target almost as much as I miss my friends and family. Because, I'm shallow like that.