Friday, March 26, 2010


We're out of that hotel, in our house, with furniture from a loaner locker on base. We have cable, dvr, a TV that our AMAZING landlady lent us, a phone where we can call the states UNLIMITED, beds for all the kids...what else am I missing? Oh yeah, sheets and blankets and pots and pans, all lent by friends (is lent even a word? I mean, besides like the season of lent. I don't feel like lent is the past tense of loan, but I don't really like the word loaned...hmm) oh and a high chair so that we don't have to feed the baby in our laps. That's really nice too.

But it took forever (at least, it felt like forever to me!) to get the internet working! And now it only works in one room (the playroom) so that sort of sucks. I didn't want to have to set up the big desk in here, because I think we can all imagine how much fun Scott has with all the usb ports, and the CD thingy that comes out like a tray where he can put things and then push it back in, and the paper in the printer...ugh. Hopefully Nick can call up the company and tell them they have to either get it working in the entire house (is that too much to ask? For our house to be able have internet where it's supposed to?) or we're going with another company. Unfortunately, looks like Nick is gonna be under water sooner than later, so we'll see how that goes.

Biggest news of the weekend? The kids start preschool on Monday!!! HOORAY! I took them for a PPD on Friday and then we stopped by the preschool to pay a deposit to secure our spot or whatever, and the girl (woman, she probably doesn't want to be called a girl) said that they can start Monday, even though I won't get their physicals filled out till April fifth (thanks Tricare! You're so efficient! Nothing like booking forty minutes worth of appts for something that's gonna take the NP two minutes MAX to sign!) So that's a huge weight off my shoulders. And you know what? I don't even feel guilty for admitting that I can't handle my kids anymore. They haven't left my side since Feb 4th. They both ask me every single day "are we going to school today? WWWWHHHHHYYYY not?" They're as desperate to interact with tiny people who don't scream at them to "BE QUIET THE BABY IS SLEEPING!" as I am to have a little peace space under my feet. So, supermoms, gloat all you want. I never wanted to be a supermom anyway.

No pics to post because it's really just too much of a hassle right now. But starting Monday, I have a feeling I'll be back to my old self, so maybe the blog will get a little more interesting. Right now, Brandi has taken Ava to Lee's soccer game, Nick has taken Scott to the NEX to get a swing set, Warren is sleeping off his shots from yesterday (and a terrible case of Guam crud to go with it) and I can finally watch Lost on

Ahhh, now THIS is the island life I was looking forward to.

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