Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jenn 2.0

So, have you been wondering where I've been? Imagining me lounging in Grandpa Kenny's pool, splayed out on a couple of those noodle things, iPod on, Kindle in hand? Well, you're pretty much right. Just change the setting to: laid out in the living room in front of the fireplace, wearing a sweater I stole from Grandma Jane (after leaving EVERY SINGLE piece of cold-weather clothing that I own in Biloxi) and a big pair of fuzzy socks. But, I guess the important thing is the iPod, the Kindle, and the lack of children. Right?

That's me. Always lookin' on the bright side. I've been told I'm a real optimist :)

But I'm trying, because seriously, I'm on total Mama hiatus, and whether or not it's freezing outside (it is) or a nice balmy eight two degrees (it's not), I'm just happy not to have tiny people pulling at me for hours and hours a day.

I even had a little time yesterday to go get my hair done.

Ever get that slap in the face, where you realize that what you think you look like doesn't quite jive with what you actually look like? Well, that happened to me last week at Warren's birthday shin dig. For instance this
is not what I thought I looked like. I just lost thirty five pounds for Pete's sake! I had no idea my face was still so fat. How do you get a fit face? I mean, buns, thighs, abs- there's all sorts of routines for that. But cheeks? I mean, short of plastic surgery, what the heck am I supposed to do about these cheeks?!?!

Short of going under the knife (which I TOTALLY plan on doing when I'm done with all this birthing babies business-but I always planned on spending my cash on a new belly and a fit rear-not my face!!! I don't want someone cutting my face!!!) I decided to spice up my hair a little bit.

Now, I blame the pregnancy hormomes, but when I was preggo with Ava, I died my hair blonde. From a box, from WalMart. Which is how I get my red hair too, incidently. But for some reason, the blonde...didn't work. But I've gone dark before too, and that doesn't work either. So this time I bit the bullet and went to a pro. Thanks Nikki, for making fun of my hair for the last fifteen years. We'll send you the bill.

I went in, unarmed with the picture of what I wanted done because Scott helped himself to it in Biloxi and I never laid eyes on it again, I told the girl I still wanted a hint of red but lots of blonde, and I planned to get used to it for a few months before going even blonder. Assuming they know how to do highlights in Guam. Can you see a difference? It's not showing up super swell in pics, but it's a pretty drastic difference. To me anyway. And naturally, she styled it so cute yesterday, and then today when I did it, it was same old Jenn. Blah. But I'm working on it.

Now to combat that ridiculous shine I've got going on...

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