Thursday, March 4, 2010

Warren's Birthday Shin Dig

Well, since I've been talking about it forever, I decided to post some pics, for those of you still interested. We went to Kangaroos, then home for naps and cake and dinner. Sorta gave me some deja vu...just kidding. Yes, that's exactly what we did for Cousin Brody. Why mess with a good thing? And now, the pics.
Not so much in love with his party hat.

Big Kids attack the candles.

Warren WOULD NOT touch the cake. Not even a teeny tiny bit!

Smeared some cake on him to try and get a cute photo. Not so much working.

Ava and Uncle Jim.

And our great friends Ryan and Melissa (and Real Live Baby Nathan) sent us this lovely bouquet from Edible Arrangements. Seriously, if you're ever in a position where you wanna send someone flowers...DON'T!!! Send one of these instead! Team Engelbrecht tore this sucker up, and all three of them loved it to death! I've never been a flowers type of gal, but now that I know about this, forget it!