Friday, March 12, 2010

We're Here!!!


That was all caps. Wanna know why? Because this house is AWESOME. Ya'll, I know that I have a tendency to over exaggerate sometimes. Okay, more than sometimes. A lot. A lotta lot. But I'm not exaggerating AT ALL! I knew ahead of time that this house was some four thousand square feet, six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms. And sure, the pics made it look nice. But I didn't really understand what six bedroom and six and a half bathrooms would look like. I mean, seriously? There's a bathroom in EVERY SINGLE BEDROOM!!! There's enough space for everyone to stand alone and not even be able to see anyone else. It's amazing. I'm gonna take some pics, but naturally we trashed the place already, so I don't wanna do pics right now.

So I was busy on the ride out having a not-so-mild panic attack about our upcoming move to Guam, but man, as soon as we pulled into Shades of Green to buy our tickets...oh my goodness! It just really is the happiest place on earth! Then we got settled in the house and headed out for the pool. The water was ninety, and the connecting hot tub was even hotter. Little rain never hurt anyone, right?

That's the private pool, in our screened in porch. What kinda chumps around here are renting rooms in hotels? Suckers!

Here's Ava and precious little cousin Mia!

Here's Andrea and her baby (three year old actually) Dillon. Kinda stark contrast against all the blondes, right?

So we're headed to Magic Kingdom bright and early. Yes, it's supposed to be pouring down rain, but what are ya gonna do, right? I ran to the Wal-Mart (good times) and bought a bunch of those trash-bag-looking ponchos for me and the kids. We're gonna look so awesome in our pics! But we're gonna have a blast no matter what, and then tomorrow night my Grandpa will be here! The only other one who didn't bail. What a guy!

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