Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beach Bums

Things are slowly and surely starting to look up. As I'm sure you all knew they would. Yes, I may have a teeny tiny habit of being just a little bit...shall we say...dramatic? But hey, now that I'm an old lady, I'm too set in my ways to change.

But alas, my world didn't end like I thought it might. The roosters are growing on me. Yes, listening to them crow at three in the morning (and then all day long) kind of sucks, but watching them run around the neighborhood with all those little baby chickens behind them? So cute. One day soon I'll take my camera on a walk and try to get a shot. It's so much cuter than cartoons!

So earlier this week I got an email from the MWR website and I saw that they were having a bounce bounce house out at the Air Force Base beach for Friday night. Sounded fun, so I decided to give it a go. Brandi couldn't come, so it was just me and the kiddos. I know what you're thinking. Jenn? A semi-social event? Alone? Really? And yes, I was more than a little apprehensive. I mean, my own sister was just the other day making fun of me and telling me that she's going to screen print me a teeshirt that says "Hi, I have a social anxiety disorder, don't talk to me." But I sucked it up and went and we had a great time! Traffic was as horrible (worse) than everyone warned me it would be, so it took us FOREVER to get there, but when we did, the kids flew at that bouncy house like they'd never been in one before! And there was also a big playground right on the beach too. So I got to sit and relax while the kids played. I talked briefly with another mom that was there, and truthfully, even that was a pretty nerve wracking experience. But again, I did it. I'm pretty proud of myself.

And then today, we headed out to Gab Gab beach on the Naval base with Mindy and her son Russ. Now, if you've never been to the beaches on Guam, you might (like I used to) think that going to the beach is a huge hassle. In Virginia Beach, for instance, you have to find a place to park, pay to park there, unload ALL THE CRAP from the car, drag it however many blocks to the beach, and drag it ALL THE WAY down to the water. I'm not a good judge of distance, but I'd put it at at least fifty yards. A football field is a hundred right? So that's fifty yards, draggin all the crap AND the kids through the hot sand.

But here, you park right next to the grass. The grass is about three or four feet wide, just wide enough for a lawn chair and a cooler. Then you step down to the sand. Which is about four or five yards wide, then you're in the water, just like that. It's that easy. So seriously, going to the beach a few times a week is a serious possibility. And all you have to bring is a few towels and some beach toys, not ALL THE CRAP. It's probably the most fantastic discovery of my entire life.

So now that you've listened to that whole ramble, ready for the pics? Here we go.

Here's my artsy shot of Ava...

And then of course, here she is posing for her picture. Shaking my head.

My baby. Who doesn't mind eating sand, and is dangerously fearless in the water. Luckily, it's all pretty shallow.

Scott spent most of his time trying to figure out Mindy's boogey board.

Here's little Russ. He'll be three this summer, and he's at least four feet taller than poor Scott.

Trying to get a pair of flippers on...

And of course, you can't wear flippers without your snorkel mask.

Don't ever tell her I showed you this, but here's Ava. Trying to rinse the sand out of her hiney. Snicker.

Favorite shot of the day...

I think Nick and I need a sailboat. Don't you?

All right. Off to finish the ice cream cake that Mindy brought me for my bday. Yeah, things are DEFINITELY looking up.


  1. Wow...Jenn! You're such an old lady! 28...right? I rememberyou are the same age as my Katie (Clair). She will be 28 in November! I hope you had a great day even though your husband wasn't there. ..also....good for you taking the kids somewhere all by yourself! Next time it won't be so scary and the kids will love it!

  2. So glad you're getting adjusted! It's nice that MWR at least acknowledges Guam is in the middle of nowhere-seems like they plan a lot of events!

  3. We got to Bamboo Willies on Friday night A LOT!! It's my favorite place b/c the kids can run around. And Gab Gab is my favorite beach for kids too. But most of the beaches, except Haputo, are really easy like Gab Gab is and most of them are prettier. But Gab Gab has the calmest water. It's great that Guam is growing on you, it has a tendency to do that :)