Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Haircut (Take Three)

Today, we took this shaggy haired little fella...

And turned him into this handsome young Scott-Clone!

Now, I was always the first one to say that Scott just doesn't look like part of our family. Uh, hello! When I went to get Warren up from his nap, I literally did a double take because I thought Scott had climbed into the crib. Ditto the carseat and the shopping cart. Very weird.

This was his third haircut, and while I've wanted to go this short each time, for some reason today, when Nick met up with us in the store and his hair had barely been cut at all, I said that's it! We're going back in there to do it right! And we did, and I love it. So that's that. My dream of having long haired hippie sons is effectively over. And now Ava wants her hair cut like this too.

What a happy horse toothed baby!

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