Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boppy Crisis

We are in crisis mode here at Casa de Engelbrecht. What else is new, right? But this time is pretty serious. Before we flew out here, we loaded up on these little gems for the flight. We call them boppies, I have no idea why. Ava started it when she was just a teeny tiny baby and it stuck. Anyway, totally not the point. The POINT is that we musta had twenty coming off that plane. They whittled away at the hotel to the point that I grew concerned and snagged a pack at the BX one day to shut that kid up while we shopped. So by the time we moved into Big Ugly, we probably had about a dozen.

And now? Now that I'm trapped here by myself and Dub is cutting his molars, all four of them at the same time? Now we have two. TWO BOPPIES. Seriously? Yes, seriously. I would imagine that the rest of them are in the playroom somewhere. Ahh, the playroom. I've got the house about ninety percent unpacked, except for that playroom. That is one hundred percent NOT unpacked. The kids dumped out their toys and took what they wanted and I turned off the lights and haven't been in there since.


So pray that I don't lose those precious two remaining boppies. He's got one in the crib with him right now, but he'll drop that sometime tonight. I'll have to crawl under there in the dark and try to find it and hope that his screaming doesn't wake Scott. If I can't find it, I've got the LAST BOPPIE tucked safely away in the kitchen. So let's pray that it doesn't come to that. I can get to the NEX on Tuesday, if I'm willing to drag all those dang kids with me. So c'mon, let's all pray for these boppies. They've served me well. I just need a few more days out of them.

I've even taken to bribing the big kids. I told them both that if they find me a boppie and pick it up and actually put it in my hand, they can have some leftover Easter candy. Any special treat they want. So far, Ava has twice seen me pick up a boppie left when Warren threw it on the floor somewhere and cried out "Mama! I found it! Can I have a special treat?" Uh, that's not how it works. You have to find one that I'm not actually holding.

PS I'm watching a Criminal Minds marathon because we don't have DVR in the bedroom so I can't watch anything good in here, and we don't have internet in the living room, so I can't stalk all the many blogs I stalk out there. So during a commercial break I look up and notice that they're selling Criminal Minds teeshirts, with the cast all splayed out on the front like they do in the credits. Seriously? Who's buying these teeshirts? If I see you out there wearing a Criminal Minds teeshirt, I'm gonna kick your *ss. And then laugh at you. Seriously?

Although I did have an X-Files teeshirt in the seventh grade. But that was different. Right?

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