Saturday, April 3, 2010

Can't Think of a Title

In a desperate attempt to get out of my ridiculous rabbit hole of a house, I loaded all the kids up (no morning nap for W! i'm such a rebel!) and headed for Brandi's so we could go to the (slightly UNDERwhelming) Easter egg hunt on base. I went to the one at NMCP a few years back, and it was so fun! So I was just sort of expecting a little more. But, the kids had a blast (those three would have a blast with all these empty boxes if I'd let them- scared there's lizards hiding in there) and they had an inflatable slide, so what else do you need, really.

Anyway. While not mind blowingly spectacular, they each did manage to score one egg (!!!) and I got a few cute shots. Sort of. Title shot is obviously the best pic of the day, right Brandi?

Too bad about the dumb look on his face, but otherwise this would have been a great shot, right?!?!

Ava thought it was HILARIOUS (like pee her pants funny!) that instead of a "real" Easter bunny (you know, like the guy at the Macarthur Center with the huge bunny head?) it was just a man "in a rabbit costume!" I mean, she was laughing so hard she could barely catch her breath. Super fun.

Then we headed home for a much needed afternoon nap, and I cleared some space in the living room. Not sure that our dining room is going to be able to stay in the dining room place. It's pretty tight, and that playroom is so big...just food for thought. So you can see how mind numbing my day to day life is :)

But, as a bonus reward for sticking my nose to the grindstone when what I really wanted to do during naps was watch Criminal Intent reruns- I found my label maker! BUT I didn't actually get time to label anything because I decided to play outside with the kids. I know, that doesn't sound like me, right? I'm a new woman! But, in the interest of full disclosure, I was reading at the picnic table while they pretty much entertained themselves. Shrug. (BTW, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is finally picking up. It's so choppy though (I guess from the translation maybe?) that it's annoying to read. Might not make it through the next two.)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, cute kids outside.

This jeep is seriously the best free hand me down toy we've ever had. EVER.

Again, the pic below? Perfect setup, PERFECT who could care less. Sheesh.

If you were worried, Baby Nate survived the flight just fine, and he's adapting well to life on Guam. Life must be nice, when you get to be glued to Ava's side twenty four seven.

Scott now refers to himself as Mr. Fix It. And also in the third person. As in "Mr. Fix It wants a snack" or "Mr. Fix It took your soda." Very strange.

To round out this somewhat cheerful post, let's continue with a list of reasons I hate living here. One-my skin has gone crazy. Never one with nice skin (I've been addicted to Proactive since my junior year of high school and I had to do Accutane not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES) I was starting to enjoy just the occasional breakout, occasionally. Not anymore. My ENTIRE face is broke out, it's disgusting. I don't know if it's the humidity or the sweating or the slimy water. Regardless, someone's gonna have to mail me some proactive if I can't get it here. Like, stat.

Two-my children (serious sleepers) are being rudely awoken- and in turn rudely waking me- by the thunderous sound of mangoes dropping on the roof of the shop behind the house. What?

Three- roosters. Those cute little birds on cartoons who crow when the sun comes up? Au contraire. They start at about three in the morning, and they crow ALL. DAY. LONG. And even the ones that are three streets over are like amplified or something. Was charming on March 19th when we first drove through the neighborhood. Not so much anymore.
Four- I'm pretty sure we just had a little earthquake or something. My bedroom was noticeably shaking. Can't find a news channel. Tried to call my mom, but since it's like four in the morning, she didn't answer. Do you do something when there's an earthquake? I'm sort of too chicken to get out of bed unless one of the kids needs me...I mean, what can I do, like shore something up with sandbags or something? I'm going to bed instead.


  1. I think staying in bed is the most logical thing one can do during a mild earthquake. I chose to stay in Wal-Mart and look through the cheap movie bin when we had one in AZ last summer.

  2. Love your blog! It's great to find so many women in Guam writing-I had a hard time finding any last year when we got word of the move, which is why I started my pathetic excuse for a blog. I hope you are able to settle in soon, and hopefully I'll be about to do the same in a couple months!

  3. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for commenting today! I'm glad I found your blog. Your children are precious! And, I would like to say thank-you to you and your husband for all you do for our country. I say all the time to my friends, I think military wives are some of the bravest people I know. Please tell your hubby thanks for keeping me and my children safe!