Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flashback Friday

So one of the blogs I read (stalk) posts cute old pics on Fridays and calls it Flashback Friday. What an awesome idea, right? So naturally, I have to do it too. You know how much I love old pictures!

These are Ava, from August 2006, so she's about ten months old. Man, I thought she was the cutest baby ever born. Poor kid. Poor me!

I was only gonna do one each, but I had to do two, and then when I saw this one of Ava and Lee, I knew Brandi would DIE when she saw it! This is EXACTLY what Lee looks like now, he's just bigger!

On to Scott! This was December 2007, near the end, so he's about ten months too.

Didn't want to leave out the Dubster, so here he is in November 2009, which isn't much of a flashback, but hey. Whatever. See why I'm starting to wonder if maybe there was some sort of mixup in the nursery concerning Scott?

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  1. Why do I not remember Ava being chubby? Weird. I can remember what the boys looked like but everytime I see pics of Ava I'm stunned. I always picture her as 3. Glad you posted. Reminds me of all the fun we had!