Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night With the Engelbrecht Clan

Well, for those of you waiting with baited breath to discover if I drowned my kids in the bathtub...I did not. Instead, I worked out (first time since Feb 3rd!!!) painted my toenails, and went to a movie. While Nick cleaned the ENTIRE house. Sorry ladies, he is TAKEN. I went to see the Back Up Plan. I am a closet JLo fan. Well, not so much anymore, my secret is out. My (four) readers now know my deep, dark secret. But hello, didn't anyone see Maid In Manhattan? That was SO CUTE! And I peed my pants a little when I rented Monster In Law. (In my defense, I was fifty seven months pregnant with the giant blob we like to call Scott.) And way way back in high school, she was in this movie called Out of Sight, with George Clooney(sp?), before he got all weird and political, and that was really really good. So there.

Anyway, the Back Up Plan was cute and funny, and being in the mood I was in, I even found a valuable lesson. I know that what I feel for my children is normal. I know that (almost) every mother out there feels the same way I do, even though no one (especially a certain woman who knows who she is) will admit it. So in one of the beginning scenes, her friend Mona is telling her not to do it, don't have kids! And then her four kids run into the kitchen, steal an entire RAW chicken off the counter, and run off with it. And Mona screams at them and then mutters under her breath to JLo "I hate them." About summed it up for me. I mean, you could obviously tell that she loves her kids. But she had the balls to say it. Then later, the Dads are having their own little heart to heart, and the other dad tells the main (HOT) character that life with kids is "Awful awful awful awful awful. And then something beautiful happens. Then awful awful awful awful awful. Then something good. Then more awful. Awful awful awful." So, not gonna win any Oscars, but it entertained me for ninety minutes, took my mind off my life, and made me feel good about myself. So, good movie.

And I started Friday in a way better place.

See this plate below? You're probably wondering why I posted a pic of an empty plate. WELL...that plate is MINE and there used to be a FISH on it!!! I ate my second EVER piece of fish tonight for dinner! It was talipia (sp?), and instead of gagging it down like the (horrible) salmon incident, I actually enjoyed every single bite! Very very tasty, and didn't taste (or smell!) like fish at all. The only thing that would have made it better was tartar sauce, but we didn't have any, and Nick said you only put tartar sauce on fish sticks. Eh.

Then we headed out for some patio time. Nick is all talking about moving into base housing next month (supposedly we're way up at the top of the list now) but that's gonna be a pretty serious fight. I DO NOT want to leave my precious backyard! It's FULLY SHADED here on the Hottest Place On Earth. It's fenced in. It's HUGE. No way I'm moving into a cement block with a four by four patch of semi private grass. NO WAY!!!
Anyway. Here's what you really came for...the pictures.
My baby in his swing. He's (finally) getting so friggin cute! I literally take a hundred pictures of him a day. The big kids run screaming whenever they see the camera, so Dub gets all my photographic attention. Lucky little bugger :) I figure, why wash his face after dinner, he'll end up in the bathtub soon. Right?

Here's the big kids doing what they do best...swinging!
Get real close to the screen so you can see the look on Scott's face. That little guy...I could just eat him up!

And seriously, see how high Ava is right now? She's like parallel to the ground!

And while they were swinging, Warren was concentrating intently on his tractor. Very serious business.

As is carrying around a teeny tiny basketball.

But he's not all serious. He has a fun side too!

And to round things out, my mountain. I just love that view. And if Nick wins the fight (he won't) and we move into base housing (we won't) I will NOT be able to see my mountain from my backyard. And we certainly can't have that!

And as a last note: I was determined not to get on the Eat Pray Love bandwagon. It's had SO MUCH hype, and I'm so sick of movies about people who get married too young (hello!) and then their husbands are losers and they have to rediscover themselves in their forties. I mean, whatever, to each her own. But this book (and so naturally the movie) have just gotten too much hype, so I was determined that I wasn't going to like it or have anything to do with it, even though it was Julia Roberts. I saw the author once on the Today show and she was sort of a bitch. BUT...last night I saw the preview. And there's a reason it's gotten so much hype! I mean, I literally had goosebumps. Sigh. So I'll be adding to all the hype when it finally comes out. Double sigh.

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