Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun With Photoshop

All right. Rather than sleep- you know, because I'm so tired that my eyes actually hurt- I am sitting in my bedroom playing with Photoshop. I've been POURING over the lessons at my new role model's blog and decided to try her basic trick.

Here's a before (she calls it Straight Out of Camera, or SOOC for short, and since she's so cool, that's what I have to call it too!!! )

And here's the after. Right?!?!

Another SOOC (how cool do I sound???)

And the after.

Doesn't seem to work that great with shots that have people in them. Here's the before:

And the after. I like the effect on the water, but Scott looks...sorta scary.

Same thing with this before....

The after is a little scary. But look at his eyes! There's a way to get the pic like this, then cut his eyes out, keep the eyes, and put them back on the original picture. Yeah. Like I could EVER figure that out.

But I have THOUSANDS of landscape shots! I might just be up all night ya'll. I might just. It would help if I had even the most basic understanding of how photoshop works. Or even if I had a third grade grasp on how computers work...but I have neither. So it takes me a long time to do ANYTHING. A very very long time.

PS: I did a few more while I was waiting for those ones on top to upload. Did I mention we get internet through a phone connection? Like you did in 1994? Yeah.



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