Friday, April 16, 2010

Last One to Know

As usual, it would appear I'm the last person alive to be amazed by this woman. Yeah, I'd heard of her before, and even popped over to her website to see what the fuss was about, but truthfully, it didn't do much for me. I mean, I read a LOT of blogs. And I do it on my phone, while waiting for things like traffic and wayward children, and hers doesn't load on the phone very well. And she's got a lot of ads, which I hate, and it just wasn't that interesting. Not trying to be cruel, but c'mon. My time is money. Sort of.

But then I heard about the cookbook, and I got a little excited, since I love to cook, and I heard that everything was really easy. THEN Mindy invited us over for dinner, and she made the chicken pot pie from the book. And Team Engelbrecht, including Warren, ate EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. So I borrowed this book...

...and I'm probably not going to give it back. Shrug. I feel a little bad, but not that bad, because it's really that amazing. (Seriously though Mindy, you can have it back. Although I'm going to buy one as soon as I find it, and you might want the new one instead. Like, for real. You totally want the new one. Gonna try that bookstore at the GPO this weekend.)

So far, I've made the chicken pot pie (let me digress for a sec-ya'll know how I feel about leftovers. I hate them, and I don't eat them. I save them in my fancy schmancy tupperware for a few days before throwing them away. But this time? This time, we ate the entire pan, over four days. Yes, you probably shouldn't save food that long, but that's not the point. We had it for lunch and dinner for four days people! And they ate it up!)

Where was I? Oh yeah, I've made the chicken pot pie, the meatloaf, the mashed potatoes (which aren't any different from any other mashed potatoes so that doesn't really count) and the chicken spaghetti. Oh, and the chicken fried steak, complete with home-made gravy. Home made gravy!!! The meatloaf wasn't a huge hit, I think because hamburger here is a little funny, and I didn't let it cook long enough, but everything else was like my kids hadn't eaten in days. It's like a miracle! A festavus miracle!

Anyway, buy this book. Or steal it from your friend :) It's not just a cookbook, it's full of stories about her life as a cowboy's wife (a real live cowboy! Like, with cows and everything!) and pictures of her kids and pictures of EVERY step in EVERY recipe. That's really amazing, every single step, so you know exactly what to do. It's just great. I might try her website out one more time.

I'm going to make every single recipe. Remember when I wanted to do that with that gourmet cookbook? Forget that! Some of them are pretty time consuming, because she does every little thing from scratch, but what else am I gonna do, right? Still no job, and it looks like Nick will be gone all the time. Might as well enjoy my gas stove and my kitchen that overlooks the TV.

Moral of the story? Go to the website, or better yet, get this book. It's gonna change my life, I just know it!


  1. Her lasagna is AMAZING! Cinnamon rolls- to die for!

    I got the cookbook for Christmas this year and use it weekly.

  2. Own the book, love it! Also, if you're a slow cooker fan (I'm totally in love) go to her cooking tab, not the Tasty Kitchen one, and track down her drip-beef recipes. I eat that roast for the better part of a week! Seriously, it changed my life.

    That and my favorite cook RR!