Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Ohh, it feels so good to have things almost back to normal. Almost. We've got about a dozen (smallish) boxes left to put away, our bedroom is still a complete disaster (that's where we put everything that we don't know where else to put) and the hall closet is not what I'd like it to bed, but the rest of the house is pretty much in order. And later today, we can hang up all our pictures, clearing my scrapbook desk so I can finally get some pages done! Hooray!

Hopefully my recipe box is in one of those unpacked boxes, because I can't find it ANYWHERE. So this week's menu is all from either Pioneer Woman (after all, I'm on a mission to cook EVERY SINGLE recipe in that book) or my Pampered Chef cookbook (the only cookbook I could find. Weird.) Anyway, here's what's on the menu at casa de Engelbrecht this week, barring any catastrophe at the commissary this morning. It's so weird not grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons after church, but I don't want to get in that habit since, when Nick goes back out, I'll be doing it on Monday mornings with Warren.

Monday: PW's Breakfast Burritos

Wednesday: oven BBQ (got this recipe forever ago from a Better Homes and Gardens mag, have been putting it on the menu and never making it ever since)

Friday: Nick will make some sort of fish dish. Gotta learn to eat fish, I want my kids to be seafood lovers! If I just can't get it down, I can have leftovers after the kids go to bed.

Saturday: we'll eat out of the freezer because Nick has duty. On a weekend.

Sunday: PW's penne a la betsy (this has shrimp. not sure what my plan is. maybe I'll just eat it. People like shrimp, right?)

So now you know. What's on your menu this week? Head over here for tons of great ideas!

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