Friday, April 2, 2010

Overwhelmed Much?

Actually, to say that I'm overwhelmed is like, the grossest understatement of the year. Possibly ever. Is there a word that means more overwhelmed than the word overwhelmed? Because that's what I am. If I weren't so overwhelmed, I would be able to think of the word.

Brandi told me, she totally called it. She said 'you better fight to get that stuff delivered before Nick leaves, because you're gonna be OVERWHELMED!' I laughed my most charming, tinkly laugh and threw my hair over my shoulder. In my fantasies, I always have long blonde hair a la Gwenyth. 'Oh Brandi,' I sighed, smiling a knowing smile. 'I just did this in August, it's not that bad.'

Thank God that God knows which end is up, right? The stuff wasn't supposed to be here till next Tuesday, but they called Wednesday and said hey, it's here, we'll drop it off tomorrow. Which was great, because we knew then that Nick was leaving Friday. But still, I really thought I'd be fine.


Look at this disaster! It's such a friggin mess that I literally CANNOT clean it up, because there's no room to do anything. Does that make any sense? I can't put anything away, because there's crap in all the AWAY spots. The cabinets are full. The closets- all of them! - full. The shop out back? The huge storage closets in the carport? You guessed it- FULL!!! The loaner furniture, while essential and free and a TOTAL lifesaver, is big and taking up tons of prime real estate!

Wanna know the final kick-you-in-the-nuts straw? THEY BROKE MY WASHING MACHINE. Yes, the washing machine that I once spent an entire post praising. The washing machine that I made sure we would be allowed to bring out here before I agreed to come. (This was before I knew that the housing office is full of a**holes). The washing machine that I've actually been dreaming of while we waited here and the clothes piled up.

Nick, wanting to make sure that his lovely wife was still waiting for him when I gets back (mid month, maybe) set right to work getting the washer and dryer all set up. I jammed the button to clean the machine before I put my first load in...and water literally began spraying everywhere. Even typing these words out is getting me a little choked up.

Anyway. The loaner people are bringing me a (free) washer on Tuesday when they pick up all the stuff we've had. It probably won't be 4.7cubic feet of clothes washing bliss, but whatever. I'm beyond grief right now.

You know those women who are always like 'oh, my house is such a wreck, I'm so embarrassed!' But then you get there and it's immaculate? I hate those women. But I digress. Point being, I'm dead serious, it's a wreck.


This is the back end of the playroom. Now that I see it, there's actually a lot of space in there to deal with a few more boxes. BUT, I'm already in can wait. What's the rush, right? RIGHT? C'mon, we both know I'm not getting up. Might as well just agree with me on this one.

Remember that huge pantry? Now remember the obessive compulsive spree I went on right before we left Connecticut? This is where I stuck all that crap. That I didn't need. Guam sells toilet paper! And dryer sheets! Who knew?

Let me just contine with more brutal ghetto honesty. Yesterday, when the kids came home from school, I promptly ignored them so that I could take over checking off boxes. All twelve crates worth of. So they went inside and started to play with all their new (well, forgotten) toys. With their lunchboxes in tow. So, I can't find those suckers anywhere! They're burried under all our crap! So today, I had to pack Ava's lunch in that pink bag on the corner. But I couldn't find another one for Scott! Now, I'm a shopper bag whore, I LOVE them, and I keep them FOREVER!!! So imagine my frustration at having to send poor Scott to school with his a walmart bag. Uuuugggghhhh, I'm so ashamed!

On a (sort of) brighter note, I refused to entertain the idea of shelling out another ten bucks each for those flimsy, crappy lunchboxes when the nice ones I want at potter barn are only twenty. So...I ordered them. Sorry baby! Why so sorry? Because, if you look closely behind Ghetto Shopper Bag Lady Lunch, you can see...that I did eventually find their lunchboxes. So neither one of them will probably carry their super cool, stylish pottery barn boxes. Because Cars and Ariel are so much more important than what their mom finds attractive, right?

The laundry room. Since I won't be doing laundry anytime soon, I shoved a lot of the crap in there.

And, to not be a total Debbie Downer (even though I hate it here and wish I were dead), I figured I'd throw in a pic of Ava in her new dress from Grandma Terri. Thanks Mom!

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  1. Jen! I'm so sorry! Bummer! To give you even a little sliver of mutual despair, we just got SWINDLED by a kitchen repair man! 400 bucks down the drain and he's gone with the wind! Hope things look up soon!