Tuesday, April 13, 2010


You know...like...trees and stuff?

Hundred bucks if you know what movie that's from. No fair googling. And Dad, you don't count.

But this is my scenery. This is the view from my back patio table, with my feet propped up, reading the sequel to (which is WAY better than) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, while my kids play on their swingset and leave me in peace. Yeah. I guess island life is sorta growing on me. Who knew?

Okay, I really love my mountain. I talk about it so much that the big kids are always like "Hey mom, there's your mountain!" Even when it's not exactly MY mountain. Mine is the one right by our neighborhood. Those kids are pretty unobservant of their surroundings. Shrug. Guess good looks and smarts really don't come in the same package all that often these days.

Dad, I thought you might like Scott's new shirt. And Mom, I got that at Old Navy right before I left Connecticut. Guess how much it cost? Dollar ninety nine!

And here is the man we like to refer to around here as Big Walker. Yes, he's finally walking for real. Very nice. And he just cut three molars, so all that crying business better be FIRMLY in our past. But seriously, you can't stay mad at a face like that!

All right, off to watch TV with Nick. Because HE'S HOME!!!!


  1. You captured the pink! I always try to capture the pink, it's one of my favorite things about this crazy place... how things turn pink around sunset. I haven't been able to capture the pink yet.

  2. What a beautiful view!
    And I always hate when my kiddos finish cutting teeth, cause then I don't have anything to blame their fussy behavior on. Our oldest, who is six, will be throwing a fit and Bert will say, "Aww, is she cutting a tooth?" Since that's what I always said in the younger years.
    Hope the island life grows on you more and more! Military wives are truly my heroes!