Monday, April 12, 2010


I got shocked tonight. Why is this blogworthy, you ask? Well, for starters, it's my blog, so any little thought that pops into my head is blogworthy. Secondly, my dad is an electrician, and (I'm assuming) because of this fact, I've always had a phobia of being electrocuted. I've only been shocked a handful of times, the worst being when my hand was wet and I was plugging in a hair dryer and I somehow got my pinky finger between the prongs on that damn hairdryer at the exact moment that the prongs made contact with the outlet...I thought I was a goner. Seriously. But, despite the intense pain, nothing exciting happened. My hair certainly didn't stand up straight like in cartoons.

Anyway, tonight it happened on the garbage disposal. Big Ugly is turning out to be quite the deathtrap of a house here. Not deathtrap, that wasn't the right word. I'd say moneypit, but since it's not our house, we don't actually have to sink any money into it. Anyway, my hand was wet when I flipped the switch, but still, shouldn't light switches be like wrapped in plastic or some other electrocution blocker? You would think. It didn't hurt that bad, but now I'm too scared to flip the switch again, so my disposal is sort of full of food that needs to be ground up. Kinda gross. AND, when I got my little zing, the fridge and the microwave went out. Totally dead. So I had to run extension cords and power strips all the way around my kitchen to get the fridge back on. Not only totally ghetto, but probably my father's worst electrical nightmare.

Should be fun to see the look on Scott's face when he sees all those cords and plugs in the morning.

PS Has anyone seen the new 1-800-CONTACTS commercial? Where the guy is like "But do they have my SPECIAL contacts? I have SPECIAL eyes." I LOVE IT. Seriously, it's right up there with the flame thrower Dairy Queen commercial. I wish there was a job where you could watch commercials and tell people if they suck or rock. Because this commercial makes me wanna call 1-800-CONTACTS and give them all my money!

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